Kim Yoo Bin – Oh My Lady

What can we say about Kim Yoo Bin that hasnt already been said? So Instead we wanted to share our thoughts in one of her most popular roles, and our favorite scene. 😀

Kim Yoo Bin as Ye Eun

Kim Yoo Bin stars as the daughter of famous actor Min Woo. The drama is mainly about the struggles Min Woo goes through in learning how to be a good father. If you haven’t seen the drama yet, you should check it out. Kim Yoo Bin is definetely one of the reasons… the other? SI WON IS IN IT!!! Hmm… Im just saying. :p 

Okay so here are our thoughts: 

The first time father and daughter met, was one of the scenes that made me wonder about child actors and how they can keep a certain expression, or cry, even when its not real.

The little one cannot speak and while trying to get information out of her, Si Won gets really upset and yells at her… I just love her poker face, but she started crying really hard, and I was left wondering how did she managed to just cry (I have tried and not one tear!) … it was like a switch. o.O 

When she tugged at his pants to make him notice her… cutest thing!

And then when she is showing her daddy a drawing she did, and he guesses wrong (twice) she makes a frown… so adorable, father and daughter interaction in this drama makes it a must watch! –JADEEYES

I loved the scene where she got Siwon to make the paper crafts. She was so adorable in that scene. Patiently waiting for him to make them while he growled and grumbled and struggled. It was a cute daddy daughter moment. It really made me smile. Also, the scene with her purposely going around making a mess. It was so funny and mischievous. –sleepninja

The expressions on their faces are just too comical. XD

Here is a fun video with most of their cute scenes together 😀

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