Piggy Dolls’s Discography

Piggy Dolls

Piggy Dolls is a Kpop group consisting of three female members: Kim Min Sun (Min Sun), Lee Jiyeon (Jiyeon), Park Ji Eun (Ji Eun). They debuted in January 6, 2011 under the label company LOEN Entertaiment. Their band name is a play on the group The Pussycat Dolls, and together with their image, it is a message to the Kpop fans, that not all Kpop idold must be skinny in order to be talented, confident of who they are, and succeed in the industry. 

The group has released two Albums so far; the first was the mini album Piggy Style released on January 7 of 2011. The single “Trend” from their first album, captivated fans with the meaningful lyrics and the message about image. Later that same year they released Hakuna Matata on July 25.

In 2012 they have released two singles; “What Is Love” in January 9, and “Guess I did not Know Love” in March 27. 

Piggy Dolls is a new kpop group, and does not have much history yet. However, we hope they continue to do good and deliver us the best of their music. We support talented artist, not image! 

Piggy Style

2011 – Piggy Style



3.그거 아니 (You Know)


5.아니잖아 (It’s Not)

Hakuna Matata

– Hakuna Matata

1.Piggy Dolls (Intro)

2.This Girl I Know  (아는여자)

3.Luv ame

4.어제까진 (Until Yesterday)

5.Hakuna Matata (하쿠나 마타타)



8.그거 아니 (You Know)


10.아니잖아 (It’s Not)

11.이 노래 (This Song)


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  1. I love this group! All three of them have what I like to call powerhouse vocals. They have phenomenal voices and they aren’t your average girl group. They focus more on the music than they do image and hype. I love all of the songs I have heard from them so far and look forward to hearing more. 🙂

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