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Gackt was my introduction to the world of Jrock and Jpop. I listened to his song “Vanilla” and fell in love with it. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have gotten into the Japanese music scene, or any Asian music scene for that matter. He will always be my fave Japanese singer. šŸ™‚ So, here is a vid of him getting his groove on. Enjoy XD


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  1. Hello Dramatards!
    I won’t be long in commenting about Gackt: he’s awesome. Period.
    Random thought: the day you post something about Hyde you’ll have my undying love. šŸ˜‰

    • Haha Agreed! And I like Hyde, so there will probably be something about him eventually. šŸ™‚

      • That’s great. šŸ˜€
        I prepare the pop corn and the necessary drooling spirit.
        I wish I could answer your poll about Farenheit, but the only thing the word evokes in me is your weird temperature system, lol.

        • Haha It’s a date :p

          Haha Awwww Well hopefully after this highlight, you will think of the group more then the temperature system šŸ˜‰

  2. Hot Japanese man moving his body to rhythm … cant beat that :p

    • haha I know right! He sounds so great live, I wish I could go to one of his concerts.

      • you have plenty of chances. šŸ™‚

        • Not really T-T I would have to go to Japan most likely to see him.

          • He doesnt come to America? wow… he should!!! hahaha. And think about it this way, you can go see him and visit Japan šŸ˜€

            • I think he has a few times. But just the usual New York or California. Boo! I can’t justify spending that much money on travel unless it’s for an all out vacation or I don’t know…….visiting another country. Trips to new York and LA are insanely expensive in my opinion.

              • They are, imagine for outside the country folks? Whoever visits from another country most have money.
                I love NY, but thats because it reminds me of my city in Cuba. Lots of cars, people walking around, and old buildings, and a Chinatown…. thats about all the similarities lol

                • Haha I didn’t enjoy New Yokr city much. Mainly because we were rushed through it and I had NO moeny. not even for food (even that was expensive) The damn tour guide/bus lied to us. They said that our meals were included in the trip so I only brought enough money for a couple of souvenirs (This was a 4 day trip throughout New England), but only two meals were cover and those were by the hotel. It was infuriating since we spent a couple hundred apiece for this travel package. :/

                  And then a bunch of taxis tried to run me over.

                  • Aww Im sorry your experience was not a good one.
                    I had family living in NY when I first came to this country, so I would spend my summers or winter vacations with my aunt, and I just fell in love with the city because Im mainly a city girl, although I also love the country side. But I was born in a city that is pretty busy, not like NY but it is the same kinda urban feeling. I like noisy streets and city lights, so I was at home in NY city šŸ™‚

                    • Haha I was raised in the south. Near lots of farmland so I don’t like when things are overcrowded. I don’t mind big cities. Just don’t like when people don’t have the courtesy to apologize when they bump into me or step on my foot. šŸ˜¦

                    • I know, I dont like that either LOL… I know you had a bad experience there, and that is why you dont think much of it. Its normal, everyone reacts like that to bad experiences in places. But to be honest, out of all the cities I have been in, NY was pretty polite taken the massive amount of people they have from all parts of US and all parts of the world.
                      If you come down to Miami, you will love the tropical atmosphere, but you will HATE the people. Some Hispanics are extremely rude…. I can say it, I know my people.

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