Our Favorite Piggy Dolls Songs

Piggy Dolls has released some pretty stellar songs since their debut in 2011. Here are our favorites. 🙂

What is Love

When I first started listening to the Piggy Dolls I immediately started loving how they sang with such great vocals and didn’t care about their image. What I love about this song is the vocals especially – although I wish there wouldn’t have been a rap in the song because the song would have been even better without it. I feel with each song I hear by them the better they start to get (:


I like this song because its all about image and what is acceptable by the public is not always good… I like that the lyrics are filled with the sentiments of three girls on how they feel about their image. Just the title makes me want to hug them, because I have always thought how Korea is too hooked on “trends” and portraying a certain image (I understand a lot has to do with culture and so on). But I’m glad not all Kpop singers are trapped under the word “trend” because the real world is not about that AT ALL. I for once see the word trend given a different meaning with the Piggy Dolls.

I Guess I Didn’t Know Love

I love all of their songs. Each one sounds better than the previous. My favorite is their latest song “I Guess I Didn’t Know Love”. It’s just amazing. The vocals are so amazing (haha the term eargasm comes to mind), they are just so strong, while being gentle at the same time. These ladies have some pipes! I loved the music, the guitar and piano worked beautifully together. I enjoyed the rap as well, I think it fit with the rest of the song. I fell in love with the lyrics as well, they were beautiful. I can’t wait for this group to make more music. I hope they gain more and more recognition, they definitely deserve it. 🙂


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