Piggy Doll’s Biography


For more info on their Discography check out JADEEYES’ post: Piggy Dolls Discography

Talent Agency: Winning Insight (위닝인사이트)
Total Weight: 180 kg
Debuted: January 6, 2011
Debut Song: TREND

“People these days tend to favor thin and pretty people. We just wanted to show everyone that people who have weight like us can be just as confident. We want to break the stereotypes of girl groups as only being skinny. Hopefully our debut can console women who have been hurt because to their weight.”

The Piggy Dolls are a group that focuses more on real talent than their image. These girls got together having dreams of showcasing their talent and showing everyone that you don’t have to be thin or follow the “trend” of things to prove you have talent. Their debut music video, “Trend”, highlights interviews of overweight people who explain their hardships in fitting in with society.

“Since we’re big, we sound different… Thin people have thinner voices, and in comparison, our voices sound a lot more rich and powerful.” – Min Sun

The three girls also share something else in common (besides their weight issue) – they all attended the same school: Ahyun Polytechnic School. The school is well known for the amount of celebrities that have gone there: Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, Hwanhee, Navi, Bubble Sisters, No Brain, and B2ST‘s Kikwang (to name a few).

Parents of the girls also worried about them and didn’t give their support right away – they were afraid of what their daughters would have to go through with society.

They worried a lot, mostly over us getting hated and garnering anti-fans.  They’re happy about it now, though, and ask about what programs we’ll be appearing on.” – Ji Yeon

On April 9th an episode of SBS’s Star King aired – guest starring the Piggy Dolls. The girls opened up about how they were being pressured to lose weight. At the time this episode aired the groups combined weight was 232 kg (Min Sun: 90 kg; Ji Yeon: 72 kg; Ji Eun: 70 kg). They revealed that when they debuted they had 3 conditions to follow:

1) Be talented vocally

2) No plastic surgery

3) Minimum weight 70 kg

Because their debut turned into a flop the conditions were changed drastically!

“Before, we’d say that we just ate and our CEO would still order us something to eat, but after our first album flopped, he said that the fat concept won’t work anymore. He’s trying to change our image now by making us lose weight, but we don’t want to.”

MC Kang Ho Dong had asked the girls if they had any plans of reaching a compromise with their agency, and Min Sun replied:

We, of course, thought about it. But let’s say that we lose weight and get plastic surgery. That doesn’t mean we can become SNSD. Kang Ho Dong is overweight, but also became the best MC. Why can’t overweight people achieve their dreams? The pain of being told to leave the room at auditions even before I opened my mouth to sing is still left in my heart. I want people that are overweight to not be so self-conscious and to be able to leave their house without shame. We want to become hope to them.

In the year since they’ve debuted, they did lose a lot of weight – it’s obvious just comparing the two pictures. The girls had received an offer to be models for a diet advertisement and they had accepted it. Their agency stated they thought it’d be better for their health to lose the weight, and in total they lost a total of 52 kg! Kim Min Sun lost 25 kg, Lee Ji Yeon lost 13 kg, and Park Ji Eun lost 14 kg.

“We’ve gone through a lot of changes in our bodies, but our music remains the same. We ask that you continue to give us your love and interest.”

Birth Name: Kim Min Sun (김민선)

Stage Name: Minsun

Birthday: February 25, 1991

Position: Leader

Blood Type: A

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Hobbies: Swimming, cooking

Education: Young Hoon High School

Previously: 몽실이 시스터즈 (Mong Shil Sisters) member [December 2009 – June 2010]

Twitter: http://twitter.com/piggydolls77

Birth Name: Lee Ji Yeon (이지연)

Stage Name: Jiyeon

Birthday: April 2, 1991

Blood Type: O

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Hobbies: Fencing, piano

Education: Geumok Girls High School

Twitter: http://twitter.com/piggydolls_jy91

Birth Name: Park Ji Eun (박지은)

Stage Name: Jieun

Birthday: March 16, 1994

Position: Maknae, Main Dancer

Blood Type: AB

Height: 161 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Hobbies: Watching movies, painting

Education: Dong Myung Girls High School

Twitter: http://twitter.com/piggydolls_je94

“Our goal is to captivate the audience with our own charms, especially on stage. Our long-term goal is to rank first on the U.S Billboard chart.  You may be thinking that our goal is too far-fetched, but we fully believe that you need to aim high in order to succeed faster.  Please give us your love, as we’ll be Piggy Dolls that tries our best.”

Piggy Dolls’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Piggy-Dolls/184265041603124

International Fan Club: http://piggydolls.wordpress.com/

I never heard of The Piggy Dolls before now, but after listening to them I’m going to keep an eye out for them. I feel that they were pressured into losing the weight they did – yes it’s great that they were able to lose the weight and it really is healthier for them, but at the same time it really does almost defeat the original purpose they had for debuting. These girls have real talent, and I hope they are able to get better recognized as time goes on. –crazy4you

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  1. I dont know who was the first person to start the skinny trend… who got the idea that being so skinny you can break is pretty

  2. i am thinner than ji yeon unni but i am heavier than her .. ??? . i feel so bad about myself right now.

  3. I just hope they don’t lose any more weight. Their current weight is very healthy in my opinion. THey look a lot more lively and healthier than the other girl groups. I fear for idols these days, you always hear about them shedding more and more weight. This is not a good thing and it’s showing how badly they are affected by it. They have physically demanding jobs and if they are not putting enough nutrients into their bodies for fear of gaining weight, they will end up in the hospital. Some already have. I keep seeing articles about idols collapsing or fainting during performances. 😦

    • I agree. And I’ve heard about that. It’s really not a good thing, and I agree with you. I understand it’s a pressing and demanding job but the company’s need to learn to take better care of their idols. They need to stop worrying about image and start worrying about their idols overworking themselves and exhausting themselves when all they need is a break and to eat the right types of food.

      • They do need to start worrying about their idols more. Not just with the weight, but with the protection issue as well. Sorry if I’m “beating a dead horse”, but it seems like not only are they in danger from fainting but from their own fans as well. Something needs to change.

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