Rooftop Prince Vs. Fashion King

So the other day I came across this mash up of Rooftop Prince and Fashion King and decided I’d share it here. I love mash ups – they’re always so funny! This video is somewhat spoilerish if you aren’t watching either drama or plan on watching either drama. Not anything that would majorly spoil either drama, though (:

Make sure you hit CC for the subtitles! I’m currently watching both of these dramas and I found this to be funny so I wanted to share 😀

Spoiler Code: Blue


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  1. Haha its funny… there are no real spoilers though, I mean its all related to the synopsis of the both dramas haha. Ill be watching Fashion King later, I first saw that actor on The Man Who Cant Get Married and I loved him there so I wanted to watch more things with him, but I have watch SS yet.

    • Haha it is. And ohh I haven’t seen Yoo Ah In in anything yet, this is my first drama with him. I’m actually loving Fashion King, I plan on making a recommendation for it over the next few days. I think it was because I expected nothing from it but I’m looking forward to it the most each week (maybe part of it is because it’s underrated compared to the others). Haha.

      • Oh go for it… I do have it on my plan to watch list. I cant watch all airing dramas so I have to pick the ones that will go to growing pile lol

        • Haha I know what you mean – I’m already watching 3 (actually 4 now since I started Absolute Boyfriend) and it’s too many :p

  2. Haha Didn’t watch the vid to avoid spoilers. But I want to see both of these dramas.

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