Rooftop Prince Vs. Fashion King

So the other day I came across this mash up of Rooftop Prince and Fashion King and decided I’d share it here. I love mash ups – they’re always so funny! This video is somewhat spoilerish if you aren’t watching either drama or plan on watching either drama. Not anything that would majorly spoil either drama, though (:

Make sure you hit CC for the subtitles! I’m currently watching both of these dramas and I found this to be funny so I wanted to share 😀

Spoiler Code: Blue


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  1. Haha its funny… there are no real spoilers though, I mean its all related to the synopsis of the both dramas haha. Ill be watching Fashion King later, I first saw that actor on The Man Who Cant Get Married and I loved him there so I wanted to watch more things with him, but I have watch SS yet.

    • Haha it is. And ohh I haven’t seen Yoo Ah In in anything yet, this is my first drama with him. I’m actually loving Fashion King, I plan on making a recommendation for it over the next few days. I think it was because I expected nothing from it but I’m looking forward to it the most each week (maybe part of it is because it’s underrated compared to the others). Haha.

  2. Haha Didn’t watch the vid to avoid spoilers. But I want to see both of these dramas.

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