Review – Operation Proposal

프로포즈 대작전

Also Known as: Operation Love / Operation Proposal / Peuropojeu Daejakjeon
Genre: Romance; Fantasy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: TV Chosun
Broadcast period: February 8, 2012 to March 29, 2012
Director: Kim Woo Sun

Main Leads:

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Baek Ho
Park Eun Bin as Ham Yi Seul
Lee Hyun Jin as Kwon Jin Won
Park Young Seo as Joo Tae Nam
Kim Ye Won as Yoo Chae Ri
Go Kyung Pyo as Song Chan Wook
Park Jin Joo as Jo Jin Joo

Synopsis: Operation Proposal is a Korean remake of the 2007 Japanese drama called Proposal Daisaukusen (starring Yamapi).

Kang Baek Ho spent his entire life holding inside of him his feelings for his best friend, Ham Yi Seul. On the day of her wedding he regrets never confessing his feelings. He’s given the chance to travel back in time to the past and is given the opportunity to change the things he did wrong and try to win the heart of his best friend that he’s held feelings for since they were young. By doing this, will he be able to change the future and who she walks down the aisle with?

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Spoiler Code – Green

After finishing this drama I’m sad to see it go. I know some people (from what I’ve read) didn’t start liking this show until later on in the episodes because they found the beginning to be boring. I didn’t. I’ve been wanting to watch something with Yoo Seung Ho for a while and when I heard about this drama I just had to give it a try. I’ve never seen the Jversion, but I’ve heard that this version is a lot different (doesn’t surprise me much because Korean remakes tend to be different). I loved it! Everything about it. I found myself rooting for Baek Ho on his journey and this drama left me feeling a lot of different things. Each week I found myself falling more and more into the story and before I knew it, I was even looking forward to it more than Shut Up Flower Boy Band – I just had to know what was going to take place next.

This drama frustrated me so much, everything Baek Ho tries to do, it seems to go in another direction. I think I must enjoy dramas that frustrate me, because the drama makes me feel so much and by the end, I feel that I’ve travelled so far with these characters, they’ve been through so much and it feels like a lifetime happened in a short amount of time.

The acting was terrific! Yoo Seung Ho is a child actor himself, so you know he’s had a history of acting and he really pulled off the character of Baek Ho. I definitely want to watch more with him, he’s going to make it far in acting. Park Eun Bin also did a really good job. I loved her as Yi Seul, and the chemistry between her and Yoo Seung Ho was good as well. All of the acting was good.

I loved the friends. Tae Nam’s love for Chae Ri and Jin Joo’s love for Chan Wook. The side stories with them were sweet and nice.

There were parts I found myself wondering if they forgot to show something, as something had happened earlier and it felt like they had forgotten it – but every time I thought that it wound up showing up later on in the right moment.

The music was nice. All along I loved it as the music for the drama, and I kept thinking I probably wouldn’t listen to it outside of the drama but I find myself listening to the songs in the back of my head. I guess I grew to really like them with each episode.

Rewatch value…I definitely can see myself watching this again sometime. Not for a while – plus I want to watch the Japanese version as well to compare.

Overall, if you liked the Jversion I dunno if you’ll like this one. And if you didn’t like the Jversion then maybe you’ll like this one better. This drama pulled me in and I’m sad to see it’s already ended. There’s a lot of drama, love, and frustrating moments that make you wonder how exactly this drama is going to end like.

I kept thinking the whole time that the drama was going to end on a different note – but at the same time I knew I was wrong. I almost gave this drama a full 10 but there were a few parts that I felt could’ve been done a little differently, so I gave it a 9 instead. But I do think this drama has fallen into my favorites (:

I wrote this right after the drama ended. I still miss this drama and it’s only ended recently! I went ahead and even downloaded the soundtrack and I’ve been listening to it a lot.
I feel this drama was really underrated compared to the other dramas that were airing around this time (Dream High 2, Shut Up Flower Boy Band). Not as many people were watching it.

“If You Love Me” – J.Rabbit

“A Little Love Story” – Park Eun Bin

“Greetings” – J.Rabbit

My overall rating for this drama is a 9/10

Or stream it at: DramaCrazy; Dramafever; Mysoju

Spoiler Code – Blue



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  1. Great review, Crazy, you really make me want to watch this. I’ll put it in my list right away. 🙂

    I have seen Proposal Daisakusen a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. It was terribly frustrating too, but also very touching. I think you really should give it a try, but perhaps not right now, when you’re still fresh of the feelings this one gave you.
    When and if you do, don’t skip the special at the end, which wraps up the story really nicely. 🙂

    • Thanks (: And ohh great 😀

      This version definitely had me pretty frustrated and it also had touching moments (:
      I do want to give Proposal Daisakusen a try, but yes not right now haha. Maybe a few months from now after I’ve watched a few more dramas I’ll be willing to give it a try (:
      And ohh nice! I want to see all the differences in each version to see which one, overall, I liked best. Since this version I heard is a lot different. Korean dramas tend to go for those dramatic scenes as well, haha.

  2. I watched the original version and I liked it but not enough to watch it again… is one of those stories that dont stay in my memorie for long, but it was cute while I watched it.

    • I haven’t seen the original version yet (but I do plan on watching it). I’ve heard that this version is really different from the original, so I’m not sure if anyone who liked the original would like it again.

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