Kangin Released from Military


The Dramatards would like to congratulate Super Junior’s Kangin on his release from the military. Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Sungmin were there to welcome him home. We are so happy that he has returned safely to his family and friends. 🙂

kangin Pictures, Images and Photos

Kangin Pictures, Images and Photos

I have missed seeing him performing with his bandmates. I hope after he gets some rest and spends timed with family, that he will return to performing as a member of Super Junior. He is one of my top 2 favorites in this group. 😀

— Sleepninja


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  1. Hold on!! is this the one who has a bit chunky? I love him too. He was in We Got Married and thats where I saw him first, he is so cute.

    just googled!! It is him!! haha, the only Super Junior member I actually liked because of him and not any other factor. Si Won, is just too hot… and his Ren won me over. :p

  2. Welcome back (: Who all is still in the military now? Heechul and isn’t ther someone else?

    • Heechul, Hyun Bin, Rain, Kim Nam Gil, Dari from Dalmation, and Kang Dong Won are the ones off he top of my head. Lots are talking about enlisting soon. 😦 I just saw something about 2pm. not sure when they are enlisting, but they said they will all do it at the same time.

      • Haha I meant from Suju :p I thought there were 2-3 members enlisted from Suju.
        I remembered Binnie, Rain, and Kim Nam Gil were in the army. And yeah I know that eventually a lot of them are going to head off there, too 😦

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