Meet Fahrenheit (:

To read more about them as a group read my bio on Fahrenheit: Fahrenheit’s Biography

Calvin Chen

Name: 辰亦儒 / Chen Yi Ru
English name: Calvin
Real Name: 陳奕儒 / Chen Yi Ru
Cantonese name: San Yik Yu
Korean name: Jin Yeok Yu
Vietnamese name: Thần Diệc Nho
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: November 10, 1980
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 184cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Zodiac: Monkey
Blood type: A
Family: Parents, older sister
Education: University of Victoria BC; Post Graduate degree in Economics; Masters
Interests: tennis, singing, work out
Favorite Food: Japanese food, Western food and Junk food
Favorite Actress: Ariel Lin
Most Memorable Event: Going to study in Canada for 7 Years
Pet : Dog
Car : A grey sports car with two doors
What he looks for in a girl: fair skin, straight-long hair, confidence, charisma, he believes in love at first site
Music group: Fahrenheit (飛輪海)
Temperature: 77 F, Warm (Spring); Represents: Shuai (Handsome)
Talent agency: Comic International Productions Co., Ltd. 可米製作
Calvin’s blog

Calvin is currently a member of Fahrenheit. His stage name is a homophone of his birth name. He comes from a very traditional family and it’s said that his father wasn’t very approving of his son being an idol – at first. After he graduated from Jianguo High School (one of the top high schools in Taiwan) he went on to pursue his college education in Canada. There, he completed a masters degree in Economics at the University of Victoria. While he was in Canada he took part in a music competition, called Sunshine Boyz,  in Vancouver. He won first place and along with that, a free ticket to Taiwan and a contract with a music company as well as a role in a drama. He also studied Public Finance at National Chengchi University.

More Info:

Sunshine Boyz 2004: Canadian Champion (Canada’s AM 1470/FM 96.1)
Understands Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Taiwanese and understands conversational Cantonese
◊ Prepares for interviews by writing down what he wants to say
◊ The number 7 is his lucky number
◊ best known for his smile and “cold” jokes
◊ Tallest among the members

◊ Served the National Guard for 12 days
◊ Launched his first fashion brand, WOW, back in October 2008
Was diagnosed with Ménière‘s disease alongside bandmate Aaron

TV Shows:

◊ The Prince Who Lost His Castle / When Love Walked In as Qin Yu Jiang (GTV, 2012)
◊ Sunshine Angel as Calvin [cameo] (TTV, 2011)
◊ Love Buffet as Xing Da Ye (FTV, 2010)
◊ Momo Love as Xue Zhi Qiang (CTV / GTV, 2009)
◊ K.O.3an Guo as Wang Ya Se (FTV / GTV, 2009)
Romantic Princess as Nan Feng Cai (CTV, 2007)
The X-Family as Lan Ling Wang / Wang Ya Se (GTV, 2007)
KO One as Wang Ya Se (GTV, 2005)

Jiro Wang

Name: 汪東城 / Wang Dong Cheng
English name: Jiro Wang
Nickname: 大東 / Da Dong
Cantonese name: Wong Dung Sing
Korean name: Wang Dong Seong
Vietnamese name: Uông Đông Thành
Profession: Actor, singer, and model
Birthdate: August 24, 1981
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Shoe Size: 7.5
Star sign: Virgo
Zodiac: Rooster
Blood type: O
Education: Fu Hsin Trade & Arts – Advertising Design
Interests: fitness, bands, drawing
Pet Phrase: “You’re not joking, are you?!”
The most embarrassing event: the time where he wore his top inside out
The most memorable event: college’s graduate ceremony
What he looks for in a girl: traditional, conservative, a girl who can stand his childish behavior
Music group: Fahrenheit (飛輪海) / Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛)
Temperature: 95 F, Hot (Summer); Represents: Ku (Cool)
Talent agency: Comic International Productions Co., Ltd. 可米製作
Jiro’s Weibo

Jiro is a Taiwanese actor and singer for Fahrenheit. When he was 18 his father died, leaving him with his single mother to pay off the family’s debt. Because of this he did many commercials and took up modeling.

He’s well known for his roles in popular Taiwanese dramas such as KO One, It Started With A Kiss, and Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Hana Kimi). Jiro graduated from Fu Shin Trade and Arts College with a degree in Advertising Design. After he graduated he started to dedicate his life towards the entertainment world. At a singing competition he showed talent and was asked to join the entertainment business because of his good looks and singing talent. In 2004 he was approached again and his acting career started.

Jiro used to be the lead singer of an underground band named Karma. They performed a song called 人間逃亡記 (lyrics composed by Jiro). After the performance they changed their name to Dong Cheng Wei.

Jiro has poor health and often loses his voice so he has to have a specific medicine that his mother prepares for him called Tong Du Hai. Behind stage he’s always quiet because he was told by his doctor that if he doesn’t want to lose his voice again he shouldn’t talk too much.

More Info:

He was originally planned to be in a boy band signed by BMG with Jay Chou and Jordan Chan called 3J. Because of 9/11 BMG’s stocks crashed and the idea was tossed
◊ After Fahrenheit’s debut he acted opposite follow HIM International Music artist, Liu Li Yang, in her music video Smiling Tears
Speaks fluent Hokkien and Mandarin, and understands conversational Cantonese and English
◊ Likes to speak English to look cool
First member to join Fahrenheit
He is the baritenor vocalist of the group
◊ Has completed his mandatory military service
Appears cool on the outside, but is very passionate and humorous

Model of Naomi Kino & Akihe deki Nimula (for 3 seasons)
Plays the guitar
Draws very well (drew the comic figurines on a Singapore coupon)
Likes colors related to the nature
Loves and cares about his mom a lot
Most expensive thing he has brought is his mike
Probably the second most emotional guy in the group
Best known for his energetic and facial expressions/gestures/poses
Jiro is known as the “pose king”; he can do twenty poses in thirty seconds
Doesn’t actually have his ears pierced – he uses clipped earrings
Because of Xerophthalmia he once couldn’t complete the filming because he couldn’t open his eyes
Also has Rhinitis which is why when he sings it sounds like the sound is coming from his nose

TV Shows:

◊ Jie Jie Li Zheng Xiang Qian Zou (in production)
◊ Absolute Boyfriend as Wan Ni Te (FTV, 2012)
◊ Sunshine Angel as Jiro [cameo] (TTV, 2011)
◊ Momo Love as Shi Lang (GTV, 2009)
◊ K.O.3an Guo as Wang Da Dong [cameo] (GTV, 2009)
◊ ToGetHer as Zhuang Jun Nan (CTV, 2009)
◊ Rolling Love as Michelin (GTV, 2008)
◊ They Kiss Again as Ah Jin (CTV, 2007)
◊ The X-Family as Xia Lan Xing De Tian / Gui Long / Wang Da Dong (GTV, 2007)
◊ Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu as Jin Xiu Yi (CTS/GTV, 2006)
◊ KO One as Wang Da Dong (GTV, 2005)
◊ It Started with a Kiss as Ah Jin (CTV, 2005)
◊ The Pawnshop No. 8 as Ah Zhe (StarTV, 2004)

Aaron Yan

Name: 炎亞綸 / Yan Ya Lun
English name: Aaron Yan / Arron Yan
Real name: 吳庚霖 / Wu Genglin
Nickname: Ah Bu
Cantonese name: Yim Nga Leun
Korean name: Yeom Ah Ryun
Vietnamese name: Viêm Á Luân
Profession: Singer, Actor
Birthdate: November 20, 1985
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 177cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: O
Star Sign: Scorpio
Zodiac: Ox
Family: Parents, younger sister
Education: Cultural University Department of Journalism Language
Interests: basketball, singing, dancing
Talents: Plays piano and flute
Favorite Actor: Andy Lau
Favorite Actress: Ariel Lin
Favorite Male Singer: Harlem Yu and JJ Lin
Favorite Female Singer: Lin Fan and Fish Leong
Favorite Genre of Music: Soul, rock, pop, R&B, hard rock, and, jazz
Favorite Things: Thoughtful things
Favorite Colors: Green, blue, yellow, and, black
What he looks for in a girl: Personality is more important
Most memorable thing: First Love
Music group: Fahrenheit (飛輪海)
Temperature: 41 F, Cold (Winter); Represents: Mi (Heart-Throb)
Talent agency: Comic International Productions Co., Ltd. 可米製作
Aaron’s blog

Aaron’s Weibo:

Aaron is the youngest member of Fahrenheit and is also the second member to join the group. When he was young his family had moved to New York, USA, where he continued to stay for his primary education for about five years. Later on he moved back to Taiwan for his secondary education.

In early 2005, Comic producers were searching for elite bloggers around the web and discovered Aaron who had been really popular online during that time. They recommended him to audition for a role in a drama. At first Aaron thought it was fraud, but after several tests he found it to be real. He was given a small role in the drama I Love My Wife.

Aaron attended the Chinese Culture University and was majoring in Journalism but switched later on to Jinwen University of Science and Tecnology and changed his major to English while in his third year. He did this because his career was greatly affecting his academics and learning environment. In October 2010 he announced he had quit his schooling to focus on his career.

More Info:

Can speak and understand Mandarin, English, Hokkien, and limited Japanese, and Cantonese
The tenor vocalist of the group
◊ Because of his absence in many of Fahrenheit’s promotions (because of a leg injury) during the later half of 2006 for their first album, news about Fahrenheit leaving him behind and continuing to be three member boyband and other disbandment news were the center of attention of the media and the concern of most fans. Nonetheless, it was confirmed that Yan would not be leaving Fahrenheit
◊ Because of his previous leg injury he’s exempted from having to serve in the National Army

◊ Discovered from Yahoo
◊ Has had minor asthma since he was young
◊ In 2008 while filming Mysterious Incredible Terminator he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis due to non-stop running and fixed posture of the leg during long flights
◊ In 2009 he was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease along with his bandmate Calvin. This disease is the same as his character 007’s illness in Mysterious Incredible Terminator (which he filmed the year before)
◊ Was in the Competition: 2004 Xin Guang San Yue 2nd Session Sunny Boy Selection Taipei Area (Preliminary Contest)
◊ never worked part-time
◊ best known for his mesmerizing eyes and his killer “cry” pose
◊ the most emotional one in the group
◊ given the name Wu Genglin because his father’s surname is Wu and his mother’s surname is Lin, so his name became Wu Gen (and in Chinese) Lin
◊ Held his first solo concert on November 20, 2010 at The Wall Live House in Taipei, to celebrate his 25th birthday. The tickets were sold out in 18 minutes right after it is open for sale. Proceeds from the ticket sale were for charity purposes

TV Shows:

◊ Sunshine Angel as Aaron [cameo](TTV, 2011)
◊ Love Buffet as Xing Yi Cheng (FTV / GTV, 2010)
◊ Gloomy Salad Days as Shen Qi (PTS, 2010)
◊ K.O.3an Guo as Ding Xiao Yu / Jiu Wu (voice only) (FTV / GTV, 2009)
◊ Mysterious Incredible Terminator as Zhan Shi De (FTV / GTV, 2008)
◊ They Kiss Again as Ah Bu (CTV, 2007)
◊ The X-Family as Jiu Da Zhang Lao Wu / Ding Xiao Yu (GTV, 2007)
◊ KO One as Ding Xiao Yu (GTV, 2005)
◊ It Started with a Kiss as Ah Bu (CTV, 2005)
◊ I Love My Wife (AzioTV, 2004)

 Former Member:

Wu Chun

Name: 吳尊 / Wu Chun (Wu Zun)
Real name: 吳吉尊 / Goh Kiat Chun
Nickname: Lu Ju Ren; XiaoLin Zun; 吳尊
Cantonese name: Ng Jeun
Korean name: Oh Jon
Thai name: Ngô Tôn
Profession: Actor, singer, and model
Birthdate: October 10, 1979
Birthplace: Brunei Darussalam
Height: 181cm
Weight: 73kg
Star sign: Libra
Zodiac: Monkey
Blood type: O
Family members: Dad, older sister, older brother
Education: RMIT University, Australia; Bachelor of Business in Business Administration
Interests: Food, basketball (used to be a National Basketball player for his country), fitness, travel, cooking, reading books, listening to music, going to the movies
Favorite Music: Depends
Favorite Color: green
Favorite Food: Anything except oily & fatty foods
Favorite Drink: Mocktail
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Flower: Lilies
Favorite Cartoon Character: Superman
Favorite Place: New York
The City most Wanted To Visit: New York City
First Date: Age 16
What he looks for in a girl: respectful to elderly, kind heart, real, feeling is most important
Personality: Shy, forgetful, career-minded
Former Music Group: Fahrenheit (飛輪海)
Temperature: 59 F, Cool (Autumn); Represents: Shen (Mysterious)
Talent agency: Comic International Productions Co., Ltd. 可米製作
Fitness Zone website:
Wu Chun official fan club

Wu Chun was discovered while he was on a trip to Taiwan and was asked to become a main character in the Taiwanese drama Tokyo Juliet (despite his lack of Mandarin fluency at the time). He also joined up with Fahrenheit shortly after. Before entering showbiz he was a model and fitness instructor. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Later on he opened his own gym called Fitness Zone, located in Brunei. In 2006 his popularity started to soar when he starred in the Taiwanese drama Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Hana Kimi).

More Info:

Understands Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Malay, Cantonese, Taiwanese
Left Fahrenheit in 2011 to focus on acting career and to spend more time with his family
◊ Was a free-contract model for Yi Lin
◊ Discovered by Ella’s older sister’s
◊ Used to be a personal trainer
◊ likes to eat a lot hence the dubbed name; “Eating King” from the other members
◊ Used to play the drums when younger
◊ Was a chubby kid when he was younger
◊ Was known as the “daddy” of the group
◊ He was the last member to join Fahrenheit before they shot to fame
◊ He comes from a rich family background as his family is the Sole Dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Brunei, of which the business is named Goh Hock Kee Motors. The name Goh Hock Kee was named after his grandfather
◊ His idol is Michael Jordan, for whom he flew to the US to watch Jordan’s last game. He got courtside seat and afterwards went to catch a glance of Jordan at his hotel

◊ He owns a Blue Subaru Impreza Hatchback, which he also customized himself, from the engine to the rims, from the exterior to the interior. and his license plate number is his birthdate
◊ On one of the interviews that he had, he jokingly said that he was married with three children. This was in response to the picture of him and his nephew that was posted online. The “three children” that he referred to were the other three members of Fahrenheit
◊ Wu Chun has 3 tattoos, 2 around his upper right arm and one on the lower leg. One of them is a Barbed Wire and was originally going to put Bravery in but is waiting to put his future wife’s name inside there
◊ Lost his mother at a young age. (he is commonly seen with a necklace that has a ring on it.) The ring was supposedly given to him when his mother was on her deathbed
◊ Was a model in Singapore before going to Taiwan where he was discovered
◊ Carries a small resemblance to Hong Kong singer Kenny Kwan, as well as Taiwan pop singer Lee-hom Wang
◊ Was originally casted to play as “Night” in Absolute Boyfriend but later on it was announced that Jiro would be taking the role
◊ The only Fahrenheit member who acted in movies

TV Shows:

◊ Sunshine Angel as Di Ya Xin (TTV, 2011)
◊ Hot Shot as Wu Ji Zun (CTV, 2008)
◊ Romantic Princess as Nan Feng Jin (CTV, 2007)
◊ The X-Family as Huo Yan Shi Zhe (GTV, 2007)
◊ Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu as Zuo Yi Quan (CTS/GTV, 2006)
◊ Tokyo Juliet as Ji Feng Liang (GTV, 2006)
◊ KO One as Tian Hong Guang (GTV, 2005)


◊ Saving General Yang as Yang Liu Lang (2012)
◊ Magic To Win as Ling Feng (2011)
◊ My Kingdom as Yilong (2011)
◊ 14 Blades as Judge of the Sands (2010)
◊ Butterfly Lovers as Liang Zhongshan (2009)



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