Wong Wian Hua Jai

Wong Wian Hua Jai is a Thai-drama or Lakorn as they are called. It was directed by Teerasak Phromngeun and written by Thaninthorn Ouchuparb. It serialized from Julia 16 2009 to September 3 of the same year. The leading actors are Weir Sukollawat Kanaro, and Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech.

This is a story of destiny between two strangers that are forced into a world pool of intrigue, deceit, and hate. Will they be able to battle through their own demons? Passion rules this dramaland!

Wong Wian Hua Jai

Synopsis: Bow Buphachart (Pinky) and Pong Woraphong where once in a relationship, but Pong is now marrying Nee Vithinee who is baring his child. Tos Kanaphan (Weir) is a grape plantation owner and only family of Nee, he would do anything for his sister’s happiness. One night Bow is dead drunk and hurting from Pong and Nee’s marriage; she falls victim of sexual abuse but by chance Tos saves her. It is not until later when he learns of her identity, and he starts fearing she will become a thread to his sister’s happiness, as Bow and Pong still harbor feelings for each other. Tos then elaborates a plan to make Bow his wife, and force her to live with him on his plantation. He anticipates the cruelest revenge for her; to make her life a living hell. But what Tos doesn’t know is that fate has something else in store for them. — JADEEYES

Dont stop here ^_^ Visit our posts on the characters and the actors behind it for more of this amazing and passionate story.

The Characters of Wong Wian Hua Jai

Our thoughts on Wong Wian Hua Jai:

Wong Wian Hua Jai is one of my favorite lakorn. It hooked me from the very first episode and I just couldn’t stop watching it. The characters were amazing and the storyline was so full of drama! There was even some action in it too! I loved the chemistry between Bow and Tos, it was very believable that they were attracted to each other. You don’t always get that with other dramas. :)-sleepninja


Wong Wian Hua Jai was the second lakorn I got around to finishing (: This drama was filled with so many emotions – love, hatred, sadness. I’ve never hated a character like I did Baithong. She was evil incarnate if I do say so myself. The sweet moments between Weir and Pinky, when they finally started to realize their feelings for each other, were great. And the acting really was top notch (: The fact that I watched this lakorn in a group watch with my fellow dramatards made it leave a deeper impression. As we were all feeling the same roller coaster of emotions for this dramacrazy4you

This was my second Thai drama, and one that was especially entertaining to watch as we did a group watch for it; it was lots of fun to be able to give our thoughts as we were watching.  I will not say much about the romance in this story because I don’t wish to give away some things that might be more enjoyable to the viewer if are not known before watching the drama, but like I said for Goong, this drama has the type of romance I like. It was a bit frustrating at times, but I loved even those moments. I think that this drama had all the aspects of a typical romance drama, and it gives you lots of passionate scenes which other romantic dramas lack. I thought that was its strongest point. All in all, I loved it, and it made me a fan of Weir and Pinky. 🙂 -JADEEYES

This has been a collaboration post by all the authors in The Dramatards. 🙂


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