Kpop Flashback Week!

I thought I’d make an intro post to our highlight for this week (:

So what exactly is Kpop Flashback Week going to be about? Basically, what we hope to accomplish this week is to introduce some older K-pop groups. Groups that were popular from the 90s to early 2000s (up to 2003).

I was thinking about it for a while now, I don’t really know too many older groups myself – not too many outside of the ones I’ve heard from a few people or I’ve read about in articles. Or even heard them mentioned in dramas. But listened to? Hardly. So it got me thinking – if I had grown up in Korea, what groups would I have listened to? Mid to late 90s music and early 2000s, how did it sound? Then I thought – how about making it a highlight? Introduce groups and learn about them at the same time?

For this week we’re going to introduce quite a few of those groups or artists – so look forward to it 😀

The Dramatards


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