Genres: ranges from hip-hop, disco, Latin, punk and R&B to pop ballads
Years active: 1999–2006
Debut song: “To My Mother”
Producer: Park Jin Young
Labels: JYP Entertainment

g.o.d is a group that debuted in 1999 with the song “To My Mother.” The music video for the song featured actor Jang Hyuk. Park Jin Young, a singer, was the producer for the group. The group consisted of five members: Park Joon Hyung, Danny Ahn, Yoon Kye Sang, Kim Tae Woo and Son Ho Young. Yoon Kye Sang left the group in 2004 to begin his acting career – although that same year he had to also leave for his mandatory military service.

Since their debut, they received much love from their fans of all ages. Leader Park Joo Hyung was a rapper with a deep and low voice. Yoon Kye Sang was a high tone rapper with a good sense of humor. Danny Ahn, also Park Joon Hyung’s cousin, performed medium rap for the group. Son Ho Young was the vocalist for the band and was loved for his soft voice and smile. Kim Tae Woo was the leading vocalist with great singing talent.

The group was well known for their diversity in music types. In 2002 they were the Korean representatives on MTV’s Asia Music Awards. In April of the same year they had also participated in the official album for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, True East Side. In July of the same year they had moved on to a long journey of a 100 day concert. The concert series ended in March of 2003.

The group disbanded in 2005.

On April 28, 2012, g.o.d will be making an appearance at the 2012 Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Member Park Joon Hyung will not be there, but the other 3 members will.


Park Joon Hyung
Date of birth: July 20th, 1969
Place of birth: Seoul
Motto: Be honest and modest
Favorite musical genres: Rock, ballads, hip-hop, R&B, disco
Favorite musicians: Will Smith, Ice Cube, James Ingram, Queen, Bryan McKnight
Debut: A television commercial for a local beer product (1997)
Nicknames: Joon, Old Man, Road Man

Danny Ahn
Real name: Ahn Shin Won
Date of birth: December 22nd, 1978
Place of birth: Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Favorite musicians: Ray Charles, Quincy Jones
Debut: Rapper for singer Um Jeong Hwa
How he entered show business: Persuaded by his cousin Joon to participated in a singing competition together with Ho Young

Starred in:
– (2010) Chuno as Baek Ho
– (2010) The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry as Boo Ki’s ex-boyfriend (cameo)
– (2010) Fugitive: Plan B as Baek Nam Jung
– (2011) Lie to Me as Ki Joon’s friend (cameo)

Son Ho Young
Date of birth: March 26th, 1980
Foreign Name: Andrew Son (Sohn)
Place of birth: New Jersey, U.S.A (Some say L.A)
Talents: All sorts of sports, dance, rap
Nicknames: Hoi, Hoppang
How he entered show business: Danny persuaded him to participate in a singing competition together with him

Starred in:
– (2008) Love is Delicious as Yoon Han Suh

Kim Tae Woo
Date of birth: May 12th, 1981
Place of birth: Kumi of North Gyeongsang Province
Motto: Become someone who is needed by others
Nickname: Winnie the Pooh

Starred in:
– (2002) The Woman as Oh Cheon Soo
– (2008) Tokyo Shower as Jung Hyun Soo
– (2012) Dummy Mommy as Park Jung Do

Yoon Kye Sang
Day of Birth: December 20th, 1978
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea
Favorite music: Rock, Hip hop, Disco / Kyung-ho Kim, Jin-young Park, Hae-chul Shin, Young-jin Ahn, Still Heart
Favorite Style: Hip-hop style, Casual suits.
Musical Goal: To open up a new genre by combining hip hop and rock
How he joined in g.o.d: When I took the audition, I thought it’s for a rock group. But as you know, it wasn’t.
Motto: Do not forget those who do love me and whom I do love

Starred in:
– (2004) She is Nineteen as Kang Seung Jae
– (2007) Crazy For You as Kim Chae Joon
– (2008) Who Are You as Cha Seung Hyo
– (2010) Road Number One as Shin Tae Ho
– (2011) The Greatest Love as Yoon Pil Joo
– (2011) Phungsan Dog as Phungsan


To My Mother” – debut single, featuring Jang Hyuk in the video (1999)

Love And Memory” – off of their second album (1999)

Lies” – off of their 3rd album (2000)

One Candle” – off of their 3rd album (2000) – used in Dream High 2 [drama]

Road” – off of their 4th album (2001) – used in Strongest KPOP Survival [drama]

I’d heard of g.o.d before but never really listened to them before this week. After making this post I’ve already started to fall in love with some of their songs – especially “One Candle” and “Road” – and I haven’t seen either drama that they’re apparently used in. I originally heard of them because I’m a fan of Yoon Kye Sang and have seen a few of his dramas/movies. It’s a shame they broke up, but at least they’re all continuing on in their lives (most turned to acting it seems like) and it’s great that they will be joining in on the 2012 Korean music Festival in LA (:crazy4you







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