Kisses For Dummies

Aside from our seasonal recommendations Currently Watching! and the personal ones Underrated Dramas, we thought making a list of dramas that for one reason or the other are related to the drama we have chosen as pick of the month was a good idea to help new drama watchers – and seniors undergoing a “jaded period”-  to pick their next obsession.

We first started doing lists of dramas that are like the drama picked on that month based on different elements corresponding to each drama. For this month, however, we are going to try something different.

We came up with the idea of highlighting a certain cliché we hate to see in dramas, but that is not found in this particular one, and link all other dramas we have seen that don’t have it.

We present to you: Kisses for Dummies Spoiler Code: BLUE

^ he is “pure as a snow” but still closed his eyes 😉

Wong Wian Hua Jai  has a very common plot. Boy hates girl. Boy plans on forcing girl to marry him. Boy and girl fall in love against their better judgment. It has several clichés that are very common in this type of dramas: evil third parties trying to sabotage the couple’s relationship; plenty of misunderstandings between the couple that could be easily resolved but they choose to make it dramatic; fake marriages… but what they don’t have is the eyes wide open kiss; AND THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT!

These two had sexual tension the whole drama … until, well, it happened.

We cringe every time we see the girl receiving a kiss with her eyes wide open, like is supposed to be a shock when she obviously sees it coming. We see this and roll our eyes, why? Because it is not natural at all.

Eyes open does not mean you are innocent! It’s innate to close your eyes as you kiss, it happens with any gesture of affection we give or receive. When we hug; when we touch and caress; when we eat something yummy and we feel warm inside; when we laugh loudly and we are too happy; when we have happy thoughts, etc. It also happens when we cry, when we are too sad to even want to be in the real moment. Eyes closed means you are feeling. Its natural, it happens instinctively.

So why, OH WHY ASIAN DRAMAS!!!! do you think that leaving your eyes open is supposed to mean you are innocent? It doesn’t, it means you don’t feel the kiss, the love, the warmth. It’s cold; its silly. It’s a cliché in Asian dramas, and we are here to show you not all are the same 😉

Kisses for Dummies. Because some of us don’t know how to react when we come in contact with two warm, yummy lips

Goong. Who knew these two had it in them to make us dream of passionate kisses? Who do you dream with? Uhuh… don’t tell me.

There are many more we have seen, but cannot find clips or pictures for all of them. Here is the list of dramas with good kiss scenes:

–          Kimi wa Petto

–          9 End, 2 Outs

–          Buzzer Beat

–          Me Too, Flower

–          Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

–          Love Forward

–          Fashion King

–          King2Hearts

–          Good Luck!!

–          Rooftop Prince

–          Mermaid Story

–          I Want to Become a Hard Persimmon

–          Meteor Garden!

–          Suppli

–          Money War

–          Bad Family

–          Time Between Dog & Wolf


In this case, I present a drama in which the male lead is truly in shock a kiss is happening.

He tells her he loves her, and she runs off in utter shock because of a previous incident in the hotel room. She cannot believe it. (That my friends remains unspoken here, as it is a bit of a spoiler)

The kiss ^^ … I will never forget this scene. So passionate.

This is one of the best dramas I have seen. And the fact that the kisses are so darn real… even when the man was in shock. O:

Que Sera, Sera…. because he could not believe she would do something like that after what had just went on minutes before. Now you might be wondering what was that, but for that you are going to have to watch the drama ^^

I could not find a youtube clip for this scene, and the pictures don’t show the first few seconds of the kiss where Eric is in a bit of a shock she kissed him. But it is one hell of a kiss I can tell you that. If you wish to watch it, here is the link from veoh: v165539462Fex5zZC?h1=Que+Sera+Sera+-+kissing+scene+E09

Other dramas in which there are the “eyes wide open” kissing scene, but it comes with a twist. For example: the girl truly is in shock she is being kissed; which would only explain her eyes open the first few seconds of the kiss. Or, the girl wasn’t feeling the kiss.

–          Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (she really didn’t see that coming)

–          Padam, Padam … I don’t know how to say this, but darn it, what a waste of good lips.

–          Coffee Prince … just watch it, you will love that kiss. 😉

–          Once Upon a Time in Saengchori … it was a mixture of many insanely complicated situations that wouldn’t necessarily mean a kiss was coming, but woah… that surprised even me. Don’t worry my girl knew what to do one second past. 😉

Follow our series of recommendations with the next list, Mother’s We Love To Hate (not yet published)

  This has been a collaboration by The Dramatards 🙂


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    Flashback Friday! JADEEYES recommends dramas that have the best or most believable kisses.

  2. I loved the kiss from Wong Wian Hua Jai, the whole drama was very enjoyable. The one from Coffee Prince really stood out to me as well. The emotions portrayed in it were so strong. 🙂

  3. That kiss from Goong is one that I really remember. I think because for most of the drama it lacked that sort of romance and then bam! right at the end there’s this unexpected and long kiss scene. I think kissing scenes are getting better in Korean dramas, too. When I watch older dramas some will have some really nice kissing scenes, while others aren’t so impressive.

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