The Characters from Wong Wian Hua Jai (:

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Main Cast:

Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech as Bow Buphachart

Bow had spent a year studying in the states before returning to Thailand. Her boyfriend, Pong, marries Nee and Bow is left depressed. While at a party she is given a date rape drug and is almost raped – but Tos saves her. She wakes up to Tos and believes he rapes her – and has a downright hate for him. She doesn’t believe she can like him, but after being forced to marry him things start to change.

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot as Tos Kanaphan

Tos owns a grape plantation and makes wine. His sister is Nee who is married to Pong. After he meets Bow he finds out who she is and since she believes that he raped her – he goes to her parents to ask for marriage. At first he was using her to get her away from Pong and to keep his sister’s happiness, but love starts to develop.

Pol Poolaphat Attapanyapol as Pong Woraphong

Pong is in love with Bow. He marries Nee but he doesn’t love her like he did Bow. When Bow comes back around he tries to go out of his way to keep her in his life.

Tarn Kanya Rattanapetch as Nee Vithinee

Tos’ sister. Married to Pong, Nee is helplessly in love with him. She does everything she can to keep him by her side – as she knows of his affections for Bow. She doesn’t want to lose him.

Kitaphat Untimanont (Jieb) as Baitong

Baitong, the villain. She is crazy for Tos and believes that if Bow hadn’t of been around, she’d of been the one to marry him. She stirs up trouble between the two and goes out of her way to prevent them from being happy with each other. Anything to be with Tos.

Yam Siriwattana as Kare

Kare is Bow’s friend. She meets Chai at the plantation and the two argue from the beginning. She is responsible for helping Pong with Bow – at least in the beginning.

Tum Wichaya Jarujinda as Chai

Chai is Tos’ friend. He’s a funny guy and doesn’t hit it off too well with Kare in the beginning. They constantly bicker and fight.

My favorite characters were Tos, Chai, and Phong! Tos of course was just a very charming character and Weir played him perfectly. I fell in love. lol He went a little crazy at one point in the drama, but overall he was a really funny, handsome guy and you couldn’t help falling for him.

Phong was such a sweetheart and just so lovable. He was such a simple character and yet he played a very important part in the storyline. Every time he called Bow and angel it melted my heart. He was so sweet! :3

Chai………..oh Chai! This guy had me in tears from laughing so hard. He was such a funny guy and he had the best facial expressions. Especially when he started really getting into whatever he was talking and rolling his r’s. XD His scenes with Kare were just comedy gold! They had such great chemistry and were able to act so well together. The crazy antics of those two killed me. haha  –sleepninja

 The characters in this drama were really frustrating! But if I were to pick my favorites I’d pick Bow, Tos, and Chai! Bow misunderstood a lot of things, but as more episodes passed you could see how she started to really care about Tos and became a victim. But she was strong, too.

Tos was a sweet and great guy. He saved Bow in the beginning and she misunderstood. When he started to develop feelings for her he became so sweet. Despite his crazy side later on.

Chai was just so funny! I loved him with Kare and every time he came on the screen I knew I could breathe and let go all of the frustrations from the rest of the drama – because his scenes were almost always light and funny. –crazy4you

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  1. This lakorn had an awesome cast. The characters were well thought out and were each fit in to the story in a way that makes it impossible to imagine the show without them. THe actors they picked were spot on! They all portrayed their characters perfectly. Once again, they did so well that the show would not have been successful with a different cast. 😀

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