Bi Rain

Bi Rain

Jung Ji-Hoon

Stage name: Bi Rain, also known as Pi in Japan.

Nickname: Dog (collie)

Date of Birth: June 25, 1982

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Chinese zodiac: Dog

Blood type: O+

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 6.3 ft (184cm)

Weight: 165 lbs (75kg)

Occupation: Singer, recording artist, dancer, actor, model and designer. Active from 2002-present.

Other works: Rain has done humanitarian works. He was involved in a campaign against human trafficking in Asia, MTV EXIT, which provides help and information on how people can protect themselves, and help end human trafficking.

Languages: Korean, English

Studies: Rain received his first acting classes in High School of Arts.

Rain is best known for his roles in Full House and the movie Ninja Assassin, for which he received an award, making him the first Korean to received an MTV Award.


A little bit about his early years:

Rain lived with his parents and younger sister during the early part of his life. He showed a consistent desire for dancing, and attended practices while in school but he was not able to balance out both academics and arts.

2000 was a very significant year for Rain. He not only got into the entertainment industry as a back up dancer, but his mother who had been struggling with diabetes, passed away.

Before he joined the entertainment world, he had been rejected several times because he did not have the proper looks required for the Korean-pop wave.

“In fact, I was told after one audition that my singing and dancing was great but I did not make it because I did not have double eyelids.”

However, producer Park Jin-Young was able to see beyond that and recruited him as a trainee for JYP Entertainment. Rain had danced for hours non-stop during the audition, when usually it only takes 10 minutes.

He became a backup dancer, and it was not until 2002 when he debuted with the album Bad Guy under the stage name Rain. He later debuted in for TV in the drama Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School, with the lead role Cha Sang-doo, which won him a new comer award. But it was not until later in 2004 when he acted in the drama Full House that Rain raised to popularity. His role in that drama won him the Best Actor Award at the KBS Awards.

2006-to present

After a successful early years in the industry, Rain started gaining popularity outside of Korea. Raise to stardom internationally:

In 2006 he released his fourth album, Rain’s World, and acted in his first film, Im a Cyborg, But That’s OK. The film won the Alfred Bauer Award at the 57th International Film Festival in Berlin. In addition, it was selected as the opening film for the Hong Kong International Film Festival; and the role won him Best New Actor at the Baeksang Awards that year.

Rain made a name for himself in Asia, and continued to gain popularity outside of Asia in countries like: United States, Canada, and Australia.

In 2007 he became the first Korean artist to perform at the Tokyo Dome, which is the largest auditorium in Japan.

His huge success continued throughout the years with concerts, and movies in and outside of Korea, making Rain one of the first Korean artists to be recognized internationally for his evident talent in dancing, singing, and acting.

In Hollywood, he debuted with Speed Racer as Taejo, and later landed a lead role in the movie Ninaja Assassin, as Raizo. He won the Biggest Badass Award for his performance in the film, at the MTV Movie Awards, in 2010.

His latest projects include the KBS2 drama The Fugitive: Plan B in 2010; and his performance at the 7th Asia Song Festival, which is organized by Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange. His very last project before enlisting in the service was the film Soar Into the Sun in 2011, which is scheduled to be released in 2012.

In 2011 Rain enlisted in the Military service.

Other Achievements:

Rain’s second drama, Full House gained so much popularity, it was broadcast in countries outside of Korea: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Turkey, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Taiwan, Israel, and in the United States. He won best actor for the role.

It’s Raining, Rain’s second album topped the charts in 6 countries including South Korea, selling over 1 million copies in all Asia.

Time Magazine mentioned Rain on a web article that listed the “100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World.”

In 2007, Rain topped the online poll of Time Magazine.

Rain was also listed in the “Most Beautiful People” article in People Magazine, in 2007, as part of the “First-Time Beauties 2007” section. For which he admitted to be honored to make it on the list, as it will be another step in his efforts to raise his public awareness in the States.



–      2006 I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK, as Park Il-sun

–      2008 Speed Racer, as Taejo Togokahn

–      2009 Ninja Assassin, as Raizo

–      2011 Red Scarf

–      2012 Soar Into the Sun


–      2002 Orange, as himself (cameo)

–      2003 Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School, as Cha Sang-doo

–      2004 Full House, as Lee Young-jae

–      2005 Banjun Drama, as himself (cameo); A Love to Kill, as Kang Bok-gu

–      2008 Family Outing, guest appearances in episode 21 & 22

–      2010 The Fugitive: Plan B, as Ji-woo


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Europe Unilever

Korea National Tourism Organization




O HUI for men

Pepsi (Hong-Kong, China, Taiwan, USA with Christina Aguilera)

Today’s Tea

Dutch Mill

KB Star Card

Daewoo Cantabille

LG X-Note



Pantech Mobile Phone

DOHC Clothing Line



LG Electronics

DHC Cosmetics Career

Ralph Lauren

Sk Telecom, Nate

Clear Black Shampoo

visit RAINBI.NET for wallpapers of Rain 🙂


“Hip Song”

“It’s Raining”

“Bad Boy”


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  1. The love of my life and all his awesomeness! *sigh*

  2. I love his music and he’s a very talented actor. I have seen Full House and Ninja Assassin.

    Full house was hilarious and cute. Ninja Assassin was kick-ass and awesome! lol

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