The Chaser

I wrote this review especially for MDL (My Drama List). I’m sharing it here with all the readers, hope you like it 🙂

The Chaser is the kind of film that will most likely go unnoticed because of its lack of action, and modern execution of storytelling. It is the type of film that reminds us of Hitchcock, and the days when suspense and drama was more exciting than a bunch of stunt men making the main lead actor seem like a superman.
The Chaser is a contrived, and manipulative story, which brings us to a clearer understanding of police bureaucracy and corruption. It is not the kind of film to enjoy with a sensible heart, but it will grip you and make you wish reality wouldn’t be so grim.

No matter how I write this review, I know I will not make this film justice. There are so many things to address in this story, and I don’t have the confidence to answer all questions without messing up my credibility as I go. I might be too mushy, or seemed too biased as I admire this film with all honesty. But I will do my best.

The Chaser

Synopsis: When the girls of ex-cop turned pimp Jung-ho start disappearing without clearing their debt, he becomes suspicious there are being stolen to be sold in the human market. While trying to track them down, he realizes all had the same client, and quickly elaborates a plan to catch the suspect. He sends call girl Kim Mi-jin out with a cold to distract the man, thinking is a simple case of catching the guy and retrieving his girls. But what he does not know is that his plan for revenge will unlock a terrifying truth. The chase against time begins! –JADEEYES

What to expect from The Chaser?: With a well written script, and a rookie director (Na Hong-jin) who may very well become the next Hitchcock, you will get drama at is best, mixed with suspense, and a dash of British humor.

The story is no doubt well writing. Its an act at manipulation, it will grab you and play with your conscience throughout the whole film. The writers have given the audience all the tools with which we can formulate our own idea of how the story should go, and what it seems reasonable that should happen given the situation the characters are thrown into. However, nothing happens like it should, and there seems to be good reasons why not.
You will find yourself immerse in Jung-ho’s quest to find one of his missing girls, who seems to be at the mercy of a ruthless killer, but our cop-turned-pimp still has his doubts. With no lead on her whereabouts, and the cops putting importance on bureaucracy and the media, there is plenty of time for all sorts of ill-fated events to befall the call girl. Jung-ho at first seemed like an uncaring pimp, but gradually turns into the hero we all expect to see from him.
The attention put into character development is absolutely perfect. I believed every action taken, because it seemed genuine. Logic exist in this world, but we are not perfect.

The directing is simply stunning. Hong-jin takes you through the story with such conviction he will amaze you, that you are indeed stupefied.
There will be a chase, and there will be a climatic moment, also a conclusion. But none will have superficial fight scenes, no big car explosions, nor unnecessary open endings. No, there is no sequel to The Chaser. The story ends here! What there will be is a realism so hard to deal with, you might want to have a lighthearted comedy lined up.
All in all, The Chaser is not claimed to be one of Korea’s number one film in recent years for no reason. If you are a true lover of suspense, this one is definitely a must watch for you.



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  1. This is one of those movies I’m not sure how I’ll like it. Mostly because when it comes to thrillers and the like I have to be in the mood or I won’t really get into them. Unless there’s something about the story that sucks me in. Needless to say, knowing this is one of your favorite movies I really do want to give it a try one of these days 😀 Just need to get in the mood for a movie of this type (:

    • You are very sweet, and I dont know how much you did NOT like Royal Family, you might have not said much on the matter because I liked it so much hahaha… but I know, stories like that one are not your cup of tea.
      When you do get in the mood, watch the movie because it has a strong message about how things are in the real world. But, just be warn that it is darker than Royal Family. 😉

      • I liked Royal Family for the most part, although it is one of those dramas I’d only watch once and it did have a dark theme to it. Haha I do like to watch movies/dramas like this but it’s harder for me to get into it unless I’m in the mood for it, while I’m always in the mood for comedy or romance :p But I will watch it one of these days (:

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