Happy Birthday Jung Suk Won!!!!

생일 축하합니다!!!

The Dramatards wish Jang Suk Won a happy birthday! He’s been in lots of great dramas like Rooftop Prince, Shining Inheritance, and White Christmas. We hope you enjoy your birthday and keep up the good work!


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  1. Happy birthday to the blue Joseon power ranger :p

    • lol I really need to watch that drama soon. 😛 I liked his acting in White Christmas, and he did a good job in Shining Inheritance (even though I didn’t like the character).

      • Haha I love him in Rooftop Prince! You’ll like it when you get around to watching it (: It ends next week so you could start it anytime soon (:

        • You should White Christmas! It’s really good. lol And it’s only 8 episodes. 😉

          • Haha it is on my list :p I’ll watch it sometime, my next line up is already maxed out though haha (I won’t go over 20 dramas in a line up, I originally planned to have them go at 10….but then 10 went to 15 and 15 to 20….so I can’t let it go over haha) – I’ll add it in my 3rd line up though (: Hopefully I’ll get to it before the years over….hahaha

            • lol Ok I hope you watch it soon. 🙂 I need more people to discuss it with. It’s definitely one that makes you think and there are different ways to interpret it.

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