My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

A spinoff from the folklore legend of the Nine Tailed Fox, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is a romantic comedy directed by Boo Sung Chul and written by the famous Hong sisters, Jung Eun and Mi Ran. It was serialized on SBS in 2010, and it got several recognitions awards including best couple Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah. 

This is a story of fantasy and love between a cocky young bachelor and a beautiful, carnivorous fox. Cuteness and meat rule this dramaland!

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

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Synopsis: Cha Dae Woong is an irresponsible  young man with dreams of becoming an action movie actor. His grandfather has other ideas in store for him, but Dae Woong rebels against him and runs away from home. While hiding on an old temple, he accidentally frees a nine tailed fox that was imprisoned inside a painting. Terrorized by the fox, he runs and falls on a riverbank. The gumiho rescues him and gives him her most precious possession; the gumiho orb. Now both share the fox strength and Dae Woong has to take care of the gumiho and teach her how to be like humans, in exchange for keeping the orb for a whole month which will allow him to ace all the stunts in the action film he has been cast for. However, not all is as Dae Woong thinks, and the Gumiho holds a secret that might put him in danger.  — JADEEYES

Dont stop here ^_^ Visit our posts on the characters and the actors behind it for more meat… err, fantasy/romance of Gumiho

Our thoughts on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho:

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was an awesome drama. It had just the right amount of all the elements for me. The comedy was great and I loved all the quirky characters. There was also just the right amount of fantasy and touch of magic. I was very pleased with the acting and the Hong sisters did a lovely job with the script. They seem to have the magic touch when it comes to dramas.-sleepninja

I became a fan of Lee Seung Gi almost immediately after I started watching Shining Inheritance. After finishing that drama it left me wanting to see him in something else, and shortly after I started this drama. I loved everything about it, there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like. It just pulled me in. And there were so many scenes that had my sides hurting from laughing so much! One of the funniest rom-coms I’ve seen, and one I could re-watch over and over again! –crazy4you


I started My Girlfriend is a Gumiho after watching Lee Seung Gi in The King2Hearts. I couldn’t wait for the episodes to air, so I decided to watch another drama with the actor, and the synopsis of this one bought me really quick. I love supernatural element in dramas; after a while you start getting tired of the same thing so you wish to watch something light, funny, and different. That is what this drama is. I enjoyed it very much, and hope you do to 🙂  -JADEEYES

This has been a collaboration post by all the authors in The Dramatards. 🙂


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