That ONE Thing

There are many reasons why we remember a drama: The kiss scene; the OST; the main leads; the story. We are captivated by a drama because something in it connects with the deepest corner of our heart. Something we might have gone trough; an unforgettable experience, or the dream of living through one.

Just like that, these same reasons can become the key to us liking a drama. What do you like must about a drama? Do you always look for that same thing in all other dramas? Are you able to like different things pertaining to each particular drama? I know I can. I have liked a drama solely because of the story (A Tree With Deep Roots); I have also liked a drama because of the OST (With Love); because of the romance (Goong); because of the acting (Padam, Padam); because of the strong emotions that provokes within me (Que Sera, Sera); and also because of the beautiful scenery (Spring Waltz).

If you have a list of completed dramas, do you catalog them by what you liked most? If not, try it out, its fun. You can be surprise at how many dramas you are pull into, and not always because they are perfectly made, but because they have just that ONE THING that makes it unforgettable for you.

I can give you my whole list, and tell you which is that “one thing” but I won’t end on this post. Today, I have only chosen to show you the beautiful photography and breath taking scenery from Spring Waltz. Also, if you are a fan of classical music this drama has an amazing OST that will make you fall in love at first watching!

From my favorite episode (14), when both our love birds are in the Island where they were born but don’t even know it… yet. šŸ˜‰

Because this drama is part of the season dramas, its no surprise it will be rich in gorgeous landscape scenes with rich colors, that play a symbolic message for the plot. In this particular scene, our tormented Jae Ha is reminiscing his childhood with Seo. It is a lonely memory, and the colors speak to you directly… soft pinks and blues and the sun setting. It’s a pure message of love and sorrow.

Here Jae Ha is walking towards the meadow he used to play in with Seo. This is one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in Kdramas. With the music playing in the backgroundĀ  (Clementine in piano solely made for this OST) and the knowledge of what this incredible couple went through, you cannot help being pull to the moment like if you were there experiencing the same thing Jae Ha is.

He sees her walking through the flowers.

But is just a painful memory.

They couldn’t cast a better actor to play Yoon Jae-ha than Seo Do-young. This is a man full of grief in his heart, andĀ  his conscience. Do-young, truly looks like a tormented pianist; insensitive in the outside, but lonely and sweet inside. Edward Fairfax from Jane Eyre anyone? ^^

I cannot help but think that the director had a reason why she is dressed with such cheerful colors that mix with the flowers, while he has white and blue. But if you have seen this particular drama before, then you agree that it was well acted by Do-young. You can feel what he is feeling.

Spring Waltz


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  1. Spring Waltz is on my list and I plan on watching it eventually, just don’t know when yet haha.

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