Sung Dong Il’s Profile

Sung Dong Il XD

Sung Dong Il

Date of Birth: April 27, 1967

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Chinese zodiac: Goat

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 5.8 ft (177 meters)

Weight: (78k)

Occupation: Actor

Sung is most popular in Ddramatards for his work in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. His most notable work is television drama Chuno




Running 7 Dogs


200 Pounds Beauty


Once Upon A Time



– Take Off, as Coach Bong

The Righteous Thief, as Song Jae-Pil


– Hearty Paws 2, as Hyeok Pil

Fox Festival, as Ki-bong


Children, as Park Kyung Sik

The Suicide Forecast, as Manager Park

The Client, as Jang Ho-won

SIU, as Park In-Moo

Miss Conspirator, as the detective


The King of XXX-Kissing, as Heo Go-soo

– The Grand Heist

Mr Go 3D



Eun Shil, as Yang Jung Pal


Humaneness, as Ahn Yoon-gi


Cool, as Jang Myung Ho


Glass Slipper, as Mr. Can


Rustic Period, as Kim In-ha

South of the Sun, as Choi Tae-Sik


Lovers in Paris, as Kang Pil-bo


Best Mother

Green Rose, as Jung Taek-Soo

Fashion 70


– I want to Love, as  Baek Seung Tae

Please Come Back

– Soon-Ae   


Witch Amusement, as Lee Tim Chang

Blue Fish, as Jo Dong Man

Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, as Jung Seung Gyu

New Heart, as Lee Seung Jae


Don’t Be Swayed, as Park Ki Chul

The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea, as Oh Ryu Dong


Green Coach, as Yoon Chun Geun


Chuno, as Chun Ji Ho

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, as Ban Doo Hong

Fugitive: Plan B, as Nakamura Hwang


Can’t Lose, as Jo Jung Goo

Color of Woman, as Park Chan Ho


– Answer Me 1997, as Sund Dong Il

Jeon Woo Chi, as Do Sa



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