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I adore Morning Musume. They are one of my favorite Jpop groups and have been for several years. I’m always watching their pv’s, especially the dance shot versions. I just love their dances! I was watching one recently and came across this group of guys doing a dance cover of Renai Hunter. These guys are great!

For reference, the original.


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  1. They are pretty cool, I like they have all ages in their group. I love that, pop Idols should all be like that. 😉

    • haha Yeah, Morning Musume has been around since the late 90’s. They have had members graduate and added new members through nationwide auditions. They are currently working on adding their 12th generation.(the first generation being the original members). So over the years they have had an age range of girls as old as early to mid-twenties to as young as 12. lol

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