Every Day I’m Derping — The Sung Dong Il Edition

You feeling funny, punk?

Maybe if I pretend I’m asleep this creepy flasher will go away!

Put some pants on for Pete’s sake!

Oh no you didn’t! *finger snap*

Lotus fail.

Look deep into my eyes!

What did you just say about my momma?

Nobody talks about my momma! NOBODY!

Cop: What happened after that?
Sung Dong Il: I set them all on fire.

I was all set to write something witty and funny. Then I saw that chick with the Elvis hair and lost it! XD


That’s just not right.

I can’t believe you went there.

Up for a little Blues Brothers anyone? “I’m a soul man!”

Not derpy, but I don’t care. It made my heart melt. :3


I’m so confused as to what is happening in this picture. Is he attacking the cop? Is he trying to hurt Lee Seung Gi? Did the cop jump in front to save him? Why would anyone want to hurt Lee Sueng Gi? He’s awesome.

^Fangirl Rage Mode…..it’s a scary thing to witness.

I don’t always direct movies, but when I do, it stars a gumiho.

Guys, I have a question…

Am I pretty now?

No…just no.




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  1. Hahaha.. that picture with Lee Seungi is funny. I think he is trying to kick him :p

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