In 2010 I came across the manga Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit. Since then I have never forgotten the enourmos impression it left within me. What a unique way of portraying the selfishness and cruelty of humanity, but it also shows the love and compassion that rests within us somewhere deep down.

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit

At the time I was obsess with the incredible story I was very much active on my own personal blog Sine Cera, and I wrote a little bit about the story, but mostly posted about the song that is sang by one of the characters in the movie that was made in 2008. This is song is title Singpost, and needless to say, every time I listen to it, it leaves me with deep sorrow in my heart. So now, I will share the post I wrote two years ago and hope you find the song as beautiful as I do.

Spoiler code: BLUE

There is a synopsis written by me, and however spoilery you might think it is, its not at all. I don’t say anything in the synopsis that is not explained in the manga before reading the book.  There is, however, a bit said later on about the plot, but just enough to explain the song Signpost.  It really does not spoils the movie for you.

Two videos are shared with the song; the scene from the movie, and the one sang by the band. You chose which video to watch 😉


via Signpost.

I will be writing a review on this movie later on.

You can also check out Matsuda’s Profile, as he is the main actor of this movie 😉


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