So Parodiable! The B2ST Edition

I find myself lost in YouTube quite often. Aside from watching cat videos, I also greatly enjoy watching parodies. In this new segment, I will share my favorites. What better way to kick it off then to show my favorite B2ST parodies? I have watched these over and over. I’m surprised their replay button isn’t broken.

This one is definitely my favorite. I love how everyone is blaming Yoseob. Kikwang lost in the street is just too funny. I think the best line would have to be,”If Yoseob offers you drugs.. Say No~” haha I just keep thinking the scenario is similar to the hilarious movie, ‘The Hangover’.

I love all the references to Twilight and Harry Potter in this one. Just remember, be careful what you buy your girlfriend. She might get swept away by a fandom and then they will write fanfiction. lol

lol THis one is pretty funny. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m glad they didn’t become a part of those other groups. We would have missed out on all these awesome B2ST songs and parodies! :p

So much bromance in this one! XD I almost choked on my water during this line: “Hey where is my rain? Thanks for inserting the rain.” Warning, there is a potty joke in there. lol


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  1. That first one is still my favorite!! Hahaha. The second one is also hilarious, I remember watching that one and the “Recycle” one before. Great post! Had me laughing xD

  2. My favorite was It’s Just Fiction haha. Good one sleepy 🙂

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