The Chaser

So we are on MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE week, and although already published I thought sharing the review for this incredible film will fit right in with this week. 

I have watched this movie many, many times, and I don’t get tired of it. Although I cannot say the suspense keeps me guessing anymore as I know the plot, it still raises my heart beat. It’s not the “what will happen now?” but the knowledge of what does happen and there is always a feeling of frustration and sadness mixed with excitement because this movie cannot get any better than what it is.

It garner so much popularity that it was bought by the producers who bought Internal Affairs which adaptation in America is The Departed. … if you are put off by remakes, before you go on a rant, read our rant of why a remake is NOT ALWAYS a bad thing : Not Another Remake!! :O

If you have not watch it yet, and you are a fan of suspense, this is the right movie for you … what are you waiting for?

Here is an excerpt:

The Chaser is the kind of film that will most likely go unnoticed because of its lack of action, and modern execution of storytelling. It is the type of film that reminds us of Hitchcock, and the days when suspense and drama was more exciting than a bunch of stunt men making the main lead actor seem like a superman.
The Chaser is a contrived, and manipulative story, which brings us to a clearer understanding of police bureaucracy and corruption. It is not the kind of film to enjoy with a sensible heart, but it will grip you and make you wish reality wouldn’t be so grim.

Read more here
For some, a trailer speaks louder than words! Enjoy


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