Songs of Mystery and Suspense

I was thinking long and hard about our genre highlight and it occurred to me, a lot of songs fit into genres as well. suddenly, I was remembering all the song that have mystery or suspense themes to them. ^^ So sit back, grab some popcorn and….put on your dancing shoes? lol

Can You Keep a Secret? by Utada Hikaru

This is one of my favorite songs by Utada Hikaru. While reading the translation of the lyrics, I got the sense that this song is about a girl asking her lover if she can trust him with her secret. What is her secret? According to the music video…..I guess you’ll have to watch and find out. 😉

Sherlock•셜록 (Clue + Note) by SHINee

Its easy to tell why this song made the list. The title of the song is the name of one of the most famous fictional mystery characters in the world. In the music video, they are trying to solve the mystery of missing jewelry. They follow clues, given to them by a ghost, and try to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Actually, if you think about it, most of the work is done by the characters. Anywho, the jewelry is found and SHINee takes all the credit.

Two mysteries that have me saying, “I’m so curious!” 1: Why does this song have so many names? 2: (the biggest mystery of all) Is Taemin a real boy? :p

Mystery by B2ST

In this song, they are trying to figure out this “mystery girl”. Apparently, she broke up with them and her personality has changed. Seems like an open and shut case to me, but I guess they don’t get it. *shrugs*

This is War by MBLAQ

The music video for this one has a bit of suspense and a whole lot of mystery. Mostly, it just leaves me scratching my head and saying,”Huh?” The plot is very confusing. Someone please explain! Lee Joon is an assassin who is about to kill this girl. Then suddenly he’s protecting her from another assassin. He takes her to a junk yard where apparently he and his hobo friend (Thunder) live. Thunder takes care of the girl while Lee Joon disappears. Where did he go? When he appears, he’s all upset that the hobo and the girl are in love. He aims the gun at the hobo and then………..magically make the bullet curve and kill him. The rest of the members are only shown in the dance sequences and have nothing to do with the plot.

Has your brain exploded yet? :p

Miss Love Tantei by W

W- Miss Love Tantei

This song is by my favorite Jpop duo, W. The lyrics are about trying to find a way to capture a guy’s heart. The music video has a detective theme to it. The two girls are looking for clues and interviewing people. They walk round with magnifying glasses to search for a missing diamond. (Perhaps this diamond is for a wedding ring they hop the guy in the lyrics will give them?) What I love about the music video is the old cartoon feel to it. The way the clues, like the footprints, are so obvious and yet they need a magnifying glass to find them.

Spy by Super Junior

Troublemaker by Hyunseung and Hyuna

Hoot by SNSD

All three of these have a similar theme, spies. In Super Junior’s song, they go for the James Bond concept. Super Junior in suits and bow ties? *fist pump* Yesssss!

In Troublemaker, we have a spy versus spy concept. Hyuna and Hyunseung are both spies that are actually spying on each other. The music video show them rubbing on each other (Ok, that’s cool. Enjoy your sexy time.) Then they start snooping in each others’ rooms. Next thing I know, someone is setting things on fire and I’m left thinking,” Well damn, that escalated quickly.

Hoot starts off with Siwon in the guise of a spy. Then you find out that no, he isn’t a spy. He’s actually a creeper. It turns out he’s “spying” on 9 ladies dressed in sexy outfits and dancing in elevators… I can see the headlines. “Super Junior’s Siwon is Slapped with 9 Restraining Orders.” Tsk tsk tsk


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