The Client – Mini Review

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The Client
Also known as: Uiroein, 의뢰인
Country: Korea



In the courtroom thriller “The Client” elite attorney Kang Sung-Hee (Ha Jung-Woo) goes up against a top prosecutor over a case involving a man accused of killing his wife …

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This movie was amazing. It’s so complex and has layer’s upon layers of mystery. You will be guessing right until the very end. Wondering what really happened, who did what, why did they do it? The cast was amazing. Jang Hyuk and Ha Jeong Woo gave stellar performances. And Sung Dong Il was awesome as well. But really, this was my first time seeing anything with Jang Hyuk in it and I was super impressed. During the courtroom scenes and the scenes after, Jang Hyuk and Ha Jeong Woo brought their A-game.

As I already mentioned, this movie is incredibly complex. Layers upon layers of mystery, the plot is thicker than molasses. As the character Kang Sung Hee put it at the beginning of the movie,”It’s a puzzle without pieces.”

I rated it a 10/10



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