Kimmy = Awesomeness

Let’s get entertained with Kimmy. Nose bleeding is allowed, just don’t be messy :p 


Kimmy has a bunch of videos that are super funny and some more than just funny, they are also sexy. ^^

I first want to share some commercials that are all, hilarious, sexy, and cool. All in one package because that’s who are Kimmy is, one big package of AWESOMENESS.

Here I will show some of his commercials, the ones that make me smile, the ones that make me drool, and the ones that make me roll on the floor and laugh like a hysterical hyena.  :p

Water wax — Doesn’t he make you want to hug him?

Levis originals campaign – So cool. This commercial is actually my favorite, very original as the name says and artsy which is totally something I am. Really like it. 

Gatsby commercial – Okay. This one is just … funny, very, very funny. It cracks me up, and I love it.

I’m not the only one, here is a parody by Ken.

Another Gatsby commercial. XD

This is an interview I found of his early years in Entertainment.

Now for a round of funny clips with Kimmy.

Haha this vid is funny. Can’t believe the things celebrities need to go through in order to entertain us. I wouldn’t do what he did. ^^

And to finish with this attempt to make you a Kimmy addict if you are not one already, here is another hilarious vid of Kimmy doing a Beyonce parody.


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