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As I have said many other times; Kimura is a versatile actor. He has not only done comedy but he has done mystery and drama as well. Mostly he is very good with drama, his expressions are always spot on and he can convey the emotions very easily. Is like he was born acting, the man is a natural! But biased aside, he is a very good actor, and one of the most popular in Japan, if not the most popular among his fellow TV actors.

Some of us are very much in touch with all the dramas Kimmy has done, but others are becoming new fans of Kimmy and have only seen one or two dramas. Wondering what to watch next? Well, here we have a list of the dramas we have seen! Hope it helps you to pick your next Kimmy addiction. ^^

I feel instead of writing the synopsis myself (lazy yeah) I will go ahead and link you to the drama information.


Episodes: 11

Aired: January 8 – March 19, 2001

Not my favorite drama of Kimmy, but surely the one in which he excelled the most. The way he portrayed the character of the imperfect, but genius Kuryu Kohei was brilliant. You can feel he put his heart into this role more than in most others, as when you watch him, you don’t watch Hajime, Halu, nor Jiro played by Kimura, but a completely different person.

The drama is good as a crime drama, and it follows the same story line as most crime dramas; every episode there is a different story. But what really catches your attention is the main character. –JADEEYES

Good Luck!!

Episodes: 10

Aired: January 13 — March 23, doo3

This was my first Kimmy drama. And true is what they say about the first drama being like your first love, unforgettable. However, it was not my first Asian drama and I could pick and point at its flaws without being biased, since at the time I did not know what was Kimmy’s charm and why he was so popular. I found out gradually, while watching the drama.

What I liked about this story is the way they succeed at showing you  the simple lives of these mechanics, pilots, and plane attendants. How natural it starts feeling to the viewer the more you are into this story, what it is to be a pilot or a plane mechanic. The drama has good acting, and an OST that will inspire you all the way through. I shed a few tears and I’m kind of a hard cookie. — JADEEYES


Episodes: 11

Aired: January 12 – March 22, 2004

Pride is a perfect blend of romance and drama. What made me like this drama -aside from Kimmy being the main lead- was the realistic it felt the romance between Halu and Aki. I think everyone that watches this drama can connect with the couple in so many ways. While the soundtrack of this drama helped greatly in its success to capture my heart in the ice ring, I think the passion of the characters for the game was one of the reasons I loved this drama.

More than a love story between two people, I like it when its a love story between a man and his dream. –JADEEYES


Episodes: 11

Aired: April 18 – June 27, 2005

Although not the best Kimmy drama, Engine keeps the same theme from Pride, but a lot more subtle. I liked it because of the story with the kids, and how this man comes to love and settle down in a less adventurous life because of them. The romance in the background was also very sweet. –JADEEYES


Episodes: 10

Aired: May 12 – July 14, 2008

I enjoyed it. I usually can’t stand dramas that are so focused on politics. There were some slow parts, but they had a good storyline and added just the right bit of humor at the right moment to keep me from losing it. Abe Hiroshi and Kimmy did a splendid performance. –Sleepninja.

Tsuki no Koibito

Episodes: 8

Aired: May 10 – July 5, 2010

This is the only Kimura drama I don’t like so far. His acting is stellar, as always, and the other actors are very good as well. Matsuda Shota, and Shinohara Ryoko are very good actors I have been following for a while now. What I didn’t like was the plot of this drama, the story seemed to have lots of potential but the way it was written felt rushed and unclear, especially toward the end. –JADEEYES

Nankyoku Tairiku

Episodes: 11

Aired: October 16 – December 18, 2011

If it weren’t for Good Luck!! being my first drama with Kimmy, and also such a refreshing and lovely story, I would have chosen this drama to be my favorite.

It is based on a true story, and one that is full of all those things we look for in a hero: Honesty, courage, passion, determination, and above all, honor. It is also a story about friendship; camaraderie between men and dogs. This is a story to not take lightly as it really happened, but to watch with a sensible heart. I loved it. Everything about it was right, from the music to the acting, directing, writing. You cannot watch this drama and rate it below 7, and I’m being humble. –JADEYES


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  1. My topmost fave is nankyoku tairiku..followed by good look and pride..oh my! I love all kimmy’s drama..I love him in every character he’s portraying…he’s amazingly good and appealing..he doesn’t need to have as many lines to say..his eyes says it all..

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