Pride Wins the Poll

Sorry I said I would post this by Monday, but things got a bit hectic on this side of the cyberspace.

Here it is the winner of the Poll from Kimura’s Highlight:



Title: Pride — プライド

Genre:  sports, drama, romance

Number of episodes: 11

Network: Fuji TV

Serialized: January 12 — March 22, 2004

Time aired: Moday 21:00

Pride was written by Nojima Shinji and directed by Hirai Hideki, Nakae Isamu, and Sawada Kensku. I would list a few dramas these directors have done in recommendation, –I like following the director whenever I give the drama from a very good 8 to a master piece 10. Pride definitely took a 9 from me. I loved it. But like I said in another post, what I loved the most about it was not the romance. Sure the romance was wonderful, it felt real, like I could connect. However, Halu had a dream in the ice ice ring, and he was also in love with that dream. If it inspires you, then is something worth the watch. — But as it is, this time around I won’t be recommending anything, as this is Pride big moment to shine!

Here are some clips from the drama.

Major spoilers in this video, if you haven’t seen the drama I suggest you don’t watch. I post it for the fans to enjoy one more time 🙂

Because men, no matter how strong they are, always want their mothers! Proof that we are the replacement girls! Oh, and they always take advantage of a sentimental moment to steal a kiss. But we still love it, don’t we?  😉

Spoilerish as well. You have been warned.

For the Kimmy fans!! This video is all about him. Enjoy 😉 

I found a Pirde DVD in iOffer. Here is the link for those who wish to own it. PRIDE Japanese Drama DVD

Finally, you are left with pictures of the drama for more reminiscing. 😉


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  1. aww shucks,. I like good luck better 😛 but Pride remains one of very few romances I unabashedly enjoyed so yay. LOL

  2. Yay! It won! I love those screen shots. 🙂

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