Mean Guy

Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy)

(fall of 2012) Spoiler Code: GREEN

The drama that has managed to have me on the edge of my seat since Deep Root. 

Nice Guy is about Maru, a man who fell blindly in love with his childhood friend Jae Hee and gave up his dreams for her’s. When she betrays him, he plans revenge against her, knowing this will take him to the ends of hell.

Eun ki is the woman who falls in love with Maru, and gets entangled in a web of love and deceit.

I have been waiting for a drama in which the characters are so contrived, ultimately, you end up hating and loving all of them.

Nice Guy is this kind of drama. Thinking in terms of Que Sera, Sera and The Devil, this drama is a mix of both. It’s got everything on my book (with the exception of mystery): revenge, love, drama, and suspense. We are only in episode 6, but I dare say this drama will take the best of me this year. While Deep Root build me up, this drama will take me down to the darkest places imaginable right along with the main character, our anti-hero Maru; one of the best anti-heroes I have seen in Kdrama land for years now.

Song Joong-Ki  playing Maru was the best choice production made. While there are plenty of good actors out there, I think Joong-Ki has proven to be a solid actor since the beginning of his career when he was playing supporting roles. Coincidentally, he was also in Deep Root, and it was there where I saw how mature his acting is despite his young years.

Maru is a complicated character. He is neither good nor bad, and he is both; he loves and hates; he is passionate about his goals, but at the same time he is empty and hopeless. He was the embodiment of an angel before he was betrayed, and now he is becoming more and more like a devil. Yet we still see the good side of him brought out by the very person he hates the most. How is this even possible to see in one character… I have to say then, good scripts in Kdrama land has not left us yet. Not by a long mile.

Things to look for in this drama are simple: superb acting; good script and directing; and 4-dimensional characters.

All characters have flaws and we actually hate some of them; the father, the step-mother; yeah all cliches in Kdrama land, but it is acceptable in this kind of drama. And when they are well done, cliches don’t matter. There is also the stupid, but comedy relief best-friend’s girlfriend; yeah you will dislike her too, but laugh with her. And of course, our Maru; you will have a love/hate relationship with him. But all of these make for good characters, because in life none of us are truly perfect in any kind of way.

Although I never do this on a first impression review. I will make an exception this time and add my thoughts on the outcome of this drama. I don’t say any specific details of the story but read at your own risk:

I see Maru as someone who wants to reach the heavens and be with a goddess (in this case Jae hee), while on Earth there is someone loving him. Once he falls and touch reality, then it will be too late. This is what I would want out of this drama in the worse possible scenario.

That Maru would fall victim to his own plan. That when he gets to the “top” he gets to realize what is really valuable, and that he had it all this time. But I want him to end with nothing, because then it would be poetic justice, and a more realistic ending. While I do wish for his happiness, I think happiness can come in many different forms; it can be the company of a loved one, or the realization of your faults whether it is too late or not to mend it. I think once you realize your wrongs, even at the cost of losing the love of someone, there is always hope for you. And this would be a good “happy” ending of sorts.

But as it is, I don’t even think the writers have this kind of plot in mind. Oh! But, I hope they do.

My advice to you is, watch this drama if you think you can take thorns in your heart. It doesn’t make you stronger, it only makes you vulnerable. My salvation is questionable!

We do not have a review on this drama yet, as it has not finished airing. Here is a link to the MDL page with basic info on the drama and cast, enjoy!


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