Review – Meteor Garden


Also known as: Meteor Garden; Hana Yori Dango; Boys Over Flowers
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 27
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast period: April 12, 2001 to August 16, 2001

Main Leads:

Barbie Hsu as Shan Cai
Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si
Vic Zhou as Hua Ze Lei
Ken Zhu as Xi Men
Vanness Wu as Mei Zuo
Rainie Yang as Xiao You

Synopsis: Shan Cai, whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status? –Dramawiki

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Out of the 3 versions of this story, again this was the last one that I got around to watching. The Japanese version being my first, will always be my favorite because it’s the one that hooked me onto the series to begin with (as well as Arashi / MatsuJun (: ). The Korean version I watched after I read the manga, and although I thought it was a good series by itself, I felt it drifted far off from the manga, and even the main characters seemed to be separate characters. After watching Meteor Garden, I would say I liked this one better than the Korean version.

In the earlier episodes I felt MG did a terrific job on basing it off of the manga. It’s expected that there has to be some variation, but most of it, I felt, was right on. As the show progressed, MG started to develop into it’s own story. Not to say that it drifted far off, but events were done differently. Through it all, I felt the actors did a good job as the characters. Dao Ming Si’s character acted like the original Domyouji, with minor differences. Shan Cai’s character was bull headed like the original Tsukushi, hiding her own true feelings even from herself. The rest of F4 was portrayed well.

When I first started watching this show and saw F4 I wasn’t sure how I was going to like them. Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei fit Domyouji and Rui well, but I wasn’t sure about the other 2. Mei Zuo as Mimasaka even fit, but Xing Men took me a while to get used to. As Nishikado, he looked different. But at the end I found myself liking him as his character. True I liked the Japanese F4 better, and even Kim Bum as Nishikado better, but for the Taiwan version he played his part well.

They only had 2 songs in this drama, the opening and the ending. The opening song “Qing Fei De Yi” (Can’t Help Falling In Love With You) they played throughout the drama. It might just be me, but the song didn’t get on my nerves.

For a drama that came out in 2OO1, I thought it was really good. You have to keep in mind while watching it that it came out 1O years ago, so of course fashion and technology is going to be different. The cell phones aren’t as advanced as they are now. The filming for the show isn’t as high quality as it is for new shows. That aside, I think it’s a show worth watching. I really think that if I hadn’t of seen the Japanese and Korean version I would’ve liked this drama a lot more. Because this was the last one that I watched, and I’d already read the manga, I found a lot of it predictable. The ending I felt was cute. I’m not sure if I’ll watch the 2nd season yet, I’m still debating.

Ohh another thing I liked about this drama was how it included characters such as Qing He (Kazuya in the manga) who were eliminated in the other dramas.

It’s been well over a year since I wrote this review, and my thoughts are still basically the same. I’m even still debating about watching the second season, although I think I will get to it eventually. Meteor Garden is simply a classic to me. It inspired many other dramas, was the start of the group F4 that made actors like Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu well known. Meteor Garden may not be a drama for everyone, but I really do think it’s worth giving a try (: The theme song is still a favorite of mine, but I’ve always been a sucker for those older ballads :p

“Qing Fei De Yi” – Harlem Yu

My overall rating for this drama would be a 7/10

Stream it here: DramaCrazy, Gooddrama


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    Flashback Friday! A few years ago, Crazy4You reviewed the iconic Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden. It’s very dear to our hearts and we highly recommend it!

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  5. Unforgetable movies: -) F4 are my favorite group guys and i also very like barbie sa sanchai…hope dey will come back again and again and again

  6. sandra queen

    Owww. Ilove meteor garden super!!

  7. I hated season two!
    but if I will be given a chance to revise the story.
    I will make it shorter like 25 episodes only and even though he had amnesia (the amnesia part will be in episode 4 because in episode 2-3 will show us how dao ming si prepared his propasal with the help of his buddies the F3) and interested in ye sha or dated her (the seperation parts until they found dao ming si should be 6-7 episodes only. it is enough to fall and have an adventure with ye sha), he will still fall in love with shan cai all over again (of course he will realized that it was different and love her more than ye sha). and give it a phrase “What the mind forgets, the heart remembers.” He will give a chance learn the people in his past and will be confessed then explain everything to ye sha that he must find himself first to be able to continue their relationship which he knows that will be unfair for ye sha because he is falling for shan cai and ask shan cai to make him remember his past self and their relationship by going to the places they used to go and introduce every single person he knew (of course with the help of f3). In the end he will remember everything and still chooses shan cai over ye sha because shan cai is his one true love and found the lost pair of the meteor ring propose to shan cai and fast forward to 5 years from the proposal scene. Dao ming si and shan cai came back to Spain and reminiscing the struggles and how they over come all of it and still together and ever.

    but if possible we will put some parts with the side stories of f3 will be uncovered while helping him remember everything especially in Lei’s part with Jing.
    Just an opinion anyway. hahaha

    I was 9 or 10 years old for season 1 and 11 or 12 for season 2 when it was aired in my country but I can still recall how frustrating it was

    because in the series he had to remember everything first to finally acknowledge shan cai and his friends and that was so devastating.
    like what the heck if I will have an amnesia I would like to know my past for christ sake!

  8. Oh..It’s quite different for me…I like the 2nd season…and also the Meteor Rain..

    I like that in Meteor Rain..they let me see the story of the 2 other guy..unlike the other series that mostly focused on the 3 main lead’s love triangle, that makes the 2 like just an extra…

    Or maybe because MG was my 1st drama that I’ve watched…

    • I still haven’t gotten around to MR or the second season, but I definitely want to watch them. ^^
      I think you are not alone, I’ve seen a few others that loved the direction that the second season and Meteor Rain went in.

  9. Barbie Hsu looks SO young!!! She’s almost like a little kid!

  10. Not going to lie, I still cringe when I see Dao Ming Si’s [Jerry Yan’s] pineapple hair. Still, I loved F4 and am glad the director took a chance with them. 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    [side note: don’t watch season two! I found it’s a complete 180 – everything I loved in MG 1 was gone. 😦 ]

    • Ohh really? I’ve heard that it’s not as good as the first season but I hadn’t fully decided yet to watch it or not. But it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be worth watching as much :/ So maybe I won’t watch it.

      And haha I actually liked his pineapple hair! xD But I wonder how much hairspray he had to have to keep it like that haha :p

      Thanks for the comment (:

      • I loved his hair. 🙂

        I have heard that it wasn’t good from a few people, but I still want to watch the second season. I just would feel weird not completing all of it. XD

      • Hm…well to give you an idea of how ill-received it was, my friends and I [who had all watched Meteor Garden as it aired], all dropped this drama at various times within the first 10 eps. So did my Chinese School teacher to think of it. BUT – I think it’s not unreasonable for you or Sleepninja to give it a shot…just don’t have too high of an expectation for it.

        His hair…probably subsidized hairspray sales during 2000 lol.

        • Ohh wow. I had heard it was really different from the first season but that doesn’t motivate me much to want to watch it now haha. Part of it is my super long plan to watch list, if Sleepninja still plans to watch it I’ll wait for her feedback :p haha

          Haha it possibly did xD

        • hahaha It must have been very frustrating to watch. I won’t have a high expectation of it. I know that a lot of sequels are disappointing, but I feel the need to watch sequels just to finish off the story. ^^

          hahaha You’re right, I bet the hairspray businesses were booming. I wonder if a hairstyle trend started up? I kind of like that style though, he was able to pull it off. I’m not sure there are many people who would look good with that hair though. LOL!

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