A Decade of Dramas with JADEEYES (Part 2)

Someone once told me: “nothing beats watching a drama in the year it comes out.” This person didn’t mean specifically an airing drama, but that for her, a drama should be watched during its premier year, or the following, no later than that. She feels it is necessary to live the time with the drama in order to appreciate it better.

I don’t necessarily feel the same way. I think that each and every one of us (drama lovers) would be able to appreciate a drama no matter how old it is, if it touches our hearts from the moment we tuned in to that often exiting, but mostly menacing first episode. However, I do agree with her that there are certain things that may turn us from giving an old drama a chance.

For example: the fashion; the technical effects; and the schematics. Because we all know that dramas are mostly like a fashion trend. Last year it was all about the spies and the action packed, from comedies, to drama, almost all dramas had to have these elements in order to be popular. This year, I’m afraid there is not enough room in the time machine anymore! 

So what makes me decide to watch an old drama or not? Mostly for me, it isn’t neither of these things mentioned, but the actors. Once I watch a drama and like a certain actor, I try to watch all of the previous dramas this particular actor has done. I know it is the same for most of us, right? We follow directors, actors, writers… but from time to time, we get caught up in the trend and ignore the forgotten jewels, that in one way or the other carved the path for the new gems. — Introduction to my list of dramas taken from A Decade of Dramas with JADEEYES

Al right! So I’m back with my list of dramas in a decade.

Do you find yourself particularly drawn to cute, fluffy heroines with a smart mouth and strong character? Do you connect with romance stories that start long after both love birds have been through thick and thin? Yep, I take it you like romantic comedies. So do I.

I love romantic comedies when it brings clever lines and believable characters that make us look at our own character and think how can we better ourselves? These are the kind of smart romantic comedies I like… okay, so I liked Playful Kiss, so sue me!!

Here is the list of dramas with comedy elements:

Bad Family

Synopsis: Beautiful nine year old girl Na Rim is surrounded by family; she lives with her grandparents, mom, dad, an older sister and older brother. Na Rim lives a happy life, until one day she loses her family in a car accident. Being the only survivor she is given into the care of an uncle, but Na Rim suffers amnesia from the trauma of having lost her family in such a tragic accident. She cannot remember what happened the day of the accident. 

To help bring Na Rim’s memory back, the doctor advices the uncle to recreate a family for Na Rim, for as long as she cannot remember.

The uncle then hires thug Oh Dal Gun, to help him recreate the family, and in a hurry Oh Dal Gun hires all sorts of weird folks that owe him money. Grandparents, a father, a mother, an older sister, an older brother, and him as the uncle become the fake family of Na Rim.

As they cannot get along from the start, all sorts of hilarious incidents arise in the house while they all pretend to be the happy family of Na Rim


For the longest time I wanted to watch this drama. By the time I discovered it I had already become a fan of Nam Sang Min as I had watched her in Gourmet and Time Between Dog & Wolf, and liked her very much. I didn’t know much of the rest of the cast yet, but as I could never fine a good video or site where to stream it, I went on my years of drama watching with Bad Family being that one drama I was missing from my list of completed.

This year thanks to crazy4you that recommended a site where I could download my dramas (you can find the links on our blogroll) I was able to download Bad Family and watch it. All the years of waiting, and anticipation were worth it. This drama is a jewel.

The acting in this drama, by all the actors but especially Kim Myung Min, is exceptional. He portrays the gangster man to a notch. He stands like one, he walks like one, he stares like one, and he speaks like one. I have seen this actor in another drama Beethoven Virus and he had a very different role there, so I was able to appreciate how he transforms into Oh Dal Gun much better. He becomes Oh Dal Gun completely, and is so mesmerizing to see him, sometimes you lose track of anything else. But mind you, the story in this drama although not far from the Kdrama schematics: people that don’t know each other sign a contract and live together under the same roof, pretending to be a couple. Yep, this is the big part of the plot, but it is done differently in the sense that instead of a couple is a whole family, and they all have very dysfunctional lives.The story will hook you in for it’s success at combining drama with comedy in such a simple way, you won’t eve notice the tears falling because you will be laughing at the same time.

If I had to compare it to a modern drama I would have to say there is not one yet that reminds me of Bad Family. As I have said, the story doesn’t sound too original, but drama on it’s own holds a certain originality against some of the more modern dramas.

Bad Family is truly a fun, family drama that will touch your heart and make you wish you would have watched it sooner. 😉

Fun fact: I’m not an avid linguistic, but I like discovering things about other languages and where words come from, their true meaning, and so on. As I read about this drama, I learned from another drama fan and author of a blog that in the Korean language there are three kinds of meaning for the word Bad:

Bad (불량) means delinquent or dysfunctional. In this case Bad Family is part of a trilogy of dramas, which titles start with the word Bad (delinquent or dysfunctional). There is Bad Family; Bad Couple; and Bad Housewife.

Bad (못된) means “evil” or “wicked” . There is one drama with this title: Bad Love.

Bad (나쁜) has the same meaning of “bad”. Dramas like Bad Guy and Bad friends, hold this title.

I thought this was pretty interesting as I read the titles and thought they all meant the same thing, BAD. 😉


The Bean Chaff of My Life

Synopsis: Eun-young and Kyung-soo meet for the first time in their early 20s, and although they are both polar opposites, both come to form a friendship and share their common misfortunes in love.

What follows is a decade of friendship with ups and downs, and a final realisation of true love.


This drama is like watching When Harry Met Sally. What? You have not watched When Harry Met Sally? *shakes head*

Moving on. Even when is not mentioned, I believe this drama to be inspired on the 1989 American film because the plot is exactly the same. Two strangers that disliked each other at first, later become best friends, and later become lovers. All happening throughout the years that they know each other. It even has the same kind of time jump as in the film. AND I LOVED IT.

This drama is simple, and follows the experiences, pains, and loves of two people that come together as friends and later fall for each other. A drama to compare it to would be 9 End 2 Outs, as it is a bit more popular and modern. But the Bean Chaff of my Life has nothing to envy any other rom com of its class.

If you watch this drama, you will be left with feelings of youth and innocence that we all crave in order to keep that child inside of us alive. The acting is more than decent, and the overall feel of the drama is lighthearted and fun. If you think you can do with something light after watching all those melodramas that have been recently airing – Uh huh, that guy from that wicked drama, and the piano in the forest of pain, both very intense watches –then you might just want to try this drama that will put a smile on your face from beginning to end.

We Are Dating Now


Synopsis: This drama follows the love life of two siblings, Ho-jung and Ho-jae.

Ho-jung is always getting herself mixed up with the wrong guy, and she has a love/hate relationship with her neighbor Kyu-in; although they often argue they treat each other like siblings.

Things start getting complicated, as Cha-hee -Ho-jung’s best friend- declares her attraction for Kyu-in, making Ho-jung realize her own feelings for him. Meanwhile her brother Ho-jae who is a player, and only dates girls that have a perfect figure and overall appearance, falls for Cha-hee, despite her not fitting his ideal woman image.


I started this drama mainly because of So Ji-sub. I wanted to see something with him from his early years, and I was not let down. It gradually became more a need to watch because of the story than to see his lovely face.
Now, biased aside; this drama is along the lines of The Bean Chaff of my Life. What? You see a pattern with me? Yep, it might be so. During that year I watched both these dramas, I was craving fun, witty dialogues and lighthearted stories with lots of eye-candy. Surprisingly for me, in both dramas the main actors look so much alike I thought I was being subconsciously drawn to them by their physical similarities.

I know there are a few So Ji-sub fans here, so it might just be the next drama for you if you haven’t watch it yet. However, So Ji-sub fan or not, this drama is the reason why I still watch romantic comedies. It had a certain vibe to it that I can’t barely see in modern comedies, and that I so desperately look for. In turn, it has made me more judgmental of them. When I find a romcom that reminds me of this one, not just in story, but in the overall feeling of it. I feel relief that modern writers have not forgotten what the good ones were. 😉

If not to watch the good actors play in some of their early roles, then give it a try for the simplicity of the plot -which is, I believe how romcoms should be kept: Simple, and funny. 

Honorable mentions:

Couple or Trouble One of the best adaptations I have seen. Han Ye Seul is lovely in this drama. 

Fukigen na Gene – This drama is nothing new in the book, but it feels like it is. In terms of comedy it is along the lines of dramas like What’s Up Fox, Pasta, and Soulmate. Simple, refreshing, and fun.

Love Revolution – Another good drama from way back when. Again, nothing different from what you have seen, but then again it was done first so this might just be the basis to all these new romcoms about friends coming together and sharing their love experiences. 😉

Successful Story of a Bright Girl – I was on my Jang Hyuk stalking mode when I watched this one, and I didn’t regret it. Really funny, and cute, and full of all those touching moments we enjoy between characters that teach us about life. If you like Yang Nara, skip Baby-faced Beauty and watch this one instead.




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  1. I haven’t seen any of those dramas! =__= haha. But a few of them were already on my PTW list (: I added the Bean Chaff of My Life because it does sound like something I would like (: I like dramas that build up over a course of time (hence part of my love for Reply 1997) (:
    Great post! 😀

    • Thanks c4u, and yeah the Bean Chaff of My Life and We Are Dating Now are both dramas in which the main leads come to love each other later in the drama. It feels more real somehow haha.
      And thank you 😉

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