My Drama Challenge!

This will be a challenge for me. If anyone likes this idea they are welcome to do their own version of it, but I am not asking anyone to follow as I know it’s a bit of a personal challenge.

Yeah… I’m pretty uptight about a lot of things.

First, let’s talk about one of my flaws. Because, truly, who talks about their virtues?It’s all much related to dramas… promise!

One of my biggest flaws and one my closest friends know very well and scold me for, is that I procrastinate, and with procrastination comes failure. For example: I start a hobby and I put my all into it, so much that it becomes an addiction, and just as passionate as it starts, it ends. I never finish what I start, or dedicate more than a decade to it; or do it just enough that stays as my hobby day to day. In short, I don’t commit forever, instead I give my all right away, and just as fast I stop caring. Thank God it does not apply in everything I do or feel. 😉

In my life I have had many hobbies that ended this way: anime; gardening; cooking (although I still have to cook, and trust me, I don’t look forward to it); philately…Well, dramas are just starting to become one more failure. Yep. I have been jaded for a while now. Mostly because most dramas I watch –thinking that I pick very well from the bunch and that as I have been watching for a while I should trust my taste and experience in picking dramas –prove not only to be exactly what I should not watch, but a weight on my resolution to keep this one hobby alive for as long as I can, even against my own desire to quit.

I say to myself: I SHALL NOT DROP THIS HOBBY. NEVER. I WILL –FOR ONCE –KEEP THE FAITH. But I keep on doubting that resolution, and I blame this on… nothing. I have nothing to blame this on. If there is something to blame, I really have no idea what it is. I just say I’m jaded, and that should do it.

Pretty much in a nutshell what I’m all about when it comes to feelings… *sigh* love Harry

So pretty soon I will reach 200 completed dramas. And is not really a big number to drama fans that have been watching far longer than me, or that dedicate more time of their lives to watching dramas. Neither is a bad thing, on the contrary, I bow to them. To put this much effort and commitment into something is truly an accomplishment, and a virtue; one I lack – so now I talk about virtues hehe.

I find myself thinking: Have I learned anything from 200 dramas? Maybe out of that many, only 10 mattered. Maybe none! Yet I still want to find my motivation to keep watching, you know? I want to find this hobby raison d’etre.

So, I have come up with an idea that will surely be a complete failure or will teach me a great deal about not only dramas, and life, but about my drama friends. The people I share my addiction with; the ones who have made it possible for this hobby to come this far. I wish to get to know these friends better; I want to understand their addiction in a more personal way; I want to know who they are. Because I believe a person is what they watch… well, part of who they are anyway. 😉

unless one of them is gay Harry… take notes okay? :p

Okay so challenge rules:

-Make a list of all the drama friends I have experience dramas with through discussions, group watching, and eye-candy sharing in a period of time. ^^

I have already completed this one!

List of drama friends:

  • Akai-Kitsume
  • amrita828
  • Bladey
  • Becca256
  • Biyas
  • crazy4you
  • darkangel662008
  • educto1
  • Elisabetta
  • Hangebokhan
  • Jezzy
  • LibradaJ
  • Pinkdiamond
  • Princessofsummer
  • sleepninja

-Watch all their top 5 dramas if I have not watched them yet.

-Write a review once a drama is completed

-Give my thoughts on what changed within me after watching said drama, and what it tells me about said drama friend. ^^ (I think this would be the fun part for my friends haha)

Yeah. I know; I don’t have to do this. In fact, I don’t have to do anything if you think about it this way: Why care about what others think? Why take things personal, right? 😉

But, as Meg Ryan’s Kathleen Kelly said in You’ve Got Mail: “All that means is that it wasn’t personal to you. But it was personal to me. It’s *personal* to a lot of people. And what’s so wrong with being personal, anyway? — Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”

I will be posting the first person I picked out of the bunch (picking is totally random). Their list of 5 dramas, my thoughts on the ones I have already watched and progress on the one/s I need to watch. Will I be able to go through dramas I swore never to watch?? :O

Let the challenge begin!!


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  1. When u told me you were issues watching drama i wanted to recommend you to watch bara no nai hanaya 🙂 … i completely forgot about it … after reading ur challenge i couldnt remember my top 5 .. 😛 i just had a baby so my memory sucks 😛 well it was not that great before kids anyays lol … as soon as i saw my list i realized how i never ordered you around to watch this j drama … YOU MUST !!! trust me .. i know you will love it …<3

  2. How far did you come with your challenge? Did you watch my top five.

    Btw. you wrote my name wrong. 😦

    • Aki-chan sorry about the name, I will fix it as soon as I can get into the post and edit.

      I have not finished the challenge, I started with Rita, watched Long Love Letter, and now I have been trying to watch Love Shuffle but every time I do, something happens that needs my attention >:

      I need to update on this.

  3. Now that is a brave challenge, Tweeny. Lucky you, you must have watched some of the favourite 5 already, or you would have 75 dramas to face. Honestly, it’s too much for me: I’ve watched as much in about 3 years, lol.
    But I do love your idea and I commend your courage. By the by, I see a little of myself in your portrait: I tend to lose interest quite fast too. The only constant passions in my life are my friends, the piano, books and travels. Even romantic love isn’t a guarantee in the long term, that’s why I try to enjoy it day by day and my husband is my best friend. 😉

    I am very curious to know how your watching is proceeding and even more so to find out if we can remain friends or if after watching our favourites you’ll cross us out of your pink book, LOL.


  4. So what’s the update about this one?:)

  5. I don’t think I’ll do this (or I might do it with just a few people) but I like the idea of it (:

    The problem with my top 5 is I have more than 5! Haha. It’s so hard picking only 5 to be listed. Anything I ever gave a 10 to, even a 9 to, has become a favorite. Rather if you’re interested (and I think you’ve seen like 3 or 4 of my top 5) you could check out those other dramas on my list. I think you’ve seen most of them though haha. I don’t give 9s and 10s out as frequently as I give out 7 and 8s.

  6. “I start a hobby and I put my all into it, so much that it becomes an addiction, and just as passionate as it starts, it ends.” <- sounds exactly like me lol.

    And this sounds like fun. I've been on a drama slump for months now too and, knowing myself, I don't think I'll miss it anytime soon (which is scary because I want to miss it!). I wanna try this challenge too but I don't think my new obsession would allow it… :$

  7. Bwahahaha!!! you’re giving yourself a headache!!!Just joking:)
    Gambatte ne:)
    I’m looking forward for the result and your conclusion..

  8. I don’t get it NinaJade. Am I going to watch all their Top 5? The names indicated above? Or am I going to just select one friend?

    • Hey! Why is your avi sad? LOL

      You do it the best way it will challenge you. But following my rules, then you would have to select a group of friends from your list of MDL friends and watch all their top 5. If you happen to have watched one or more dramas from a list of top 5 of one of your friends then you skip them… only watch the ones you have not watched from their top 5 😉

  9. Aha! There are three in my top 5 that you have not watched. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. :3

    • Trust me! I have already gone through everyone’s top 5 and my fear is this will be a challenge I wont be able to keep hahaha… one of the friends has You Are Beautiful as their top drama and I always said I would never watch it!! LOL… I hope for the same as you 😉

      Either way, I will watch with a positive mind and try to find the beauty in it!

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