There are a few announcements in this post. ^^ This post is a bit late, but we all have been a bit busy due to school and work.

First of all, last week was our one year anniversary. Hooray! We are so excited. Going in to this, the three of us had no idea we would actually end up with followers and so many visits to our sit.e We have even started a Facebook page. We began this blog on a whim as a way to amuse ourselves. The three of us are so grateful that there are people who enjoy our ramblings. lol

We want to apologize if it seems like we have been neglecting this page. The last half of this year has been a busy one for all three of us.

I, Sleepninja, have just graduated with my Associate’s degree. Boy was this semester rough! I did not expect it to be this busy. I can now breathe a sigh of relief though. 🙂 I will be taking a semester off before heading back to college, so I promise this blog will spring to life again. ^^

Crazy4You just completed her first semester of college. Everyone please give her a round of applause. The first semester is usually the most difficult due to the drastic differences between college and high school as well as the enormous responsibilities that you have to handle on your own. She did a really great job this semester and worked really hard.

JADEEYES has been going through some huge changes as well. She has been searching (and no doubt stressing over it the whole time) for a house. Not just any house, her first house! Buying your first house is no joke, and is definitely an important milestone in life. ^^ We hope she will find her dream home. ^^

Anyways, we just wanted to reassure you that, while updates may not always be in a timely fashion, we are still here and have no intentions of stopping…….ever really.

Third announcement! Our current highlight. 😀 This highlight is Underrated Girl Groups. I feel I should explain this a bit. The girls we will talk about may not all necessarily be unknown. I’m sure at least a couple of them are groups you have heard of. However, they do not enter into the average Asian pop fans’ conversation as often as some of the other groups. We wanted to give these groups their own spotlight, and hopefully learn more about them in the process. We hope you enjoy it.

With love,

The Dramatards


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  1. Thank you all of you for the love 😀
    It really does mean a lot to a blogger.
    Thanks ❤

  2. Congratulations on your first year! You are all doing a SUPER job!! 🙂

  3. congrats on your first year! Lots of love and kisses to you all.

  4. ~claps~ You guys have done great so far!!!

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