Underrated Girl Groups : Super 7

Super 7

Super 7 is a Taiwan pop group that debuted in 2011 with the song “Mai Luo Suo”. While promoting their new song, they expressed their wishes to be as successful as Kpop girl group, SNSD.

Unfortunately, I have spent several hours trying to find information on the members, but I haven’t been able to find much. At least, nothing that I can understand (I don’t speak or read Chinese. ) If anyone has any information on the members of this group, please feel free to share. 🙂

The music:

“Mai Luo Suo”

Their debut song “Mai Luo Suo” is very catchy.  While this isn’t the most impressive debut for a girl group, I do think that it was a decent start.  I like the simple choreography, it looks like it would be fun to do.  The vocals weren’t amazing, but they were decent as well.  The main problem with this song would have to be the rap. Had they cut out that rapper’s part in the middle, the song would have been much better.

“You Are Only One”

What I like about this one is that you can hear an improvement in the vocals in comparison to their debut song. This song seems to have a bit more effort put into it as well. It would have been nice to see more done with the music video.


So far, this is my favorite song by this group. The song is good and the vocals are awesome! The productions value and the wardrobe were the best I’ve seen of this group. I loved the choreography as well. 🙂 The only bad points about the music video and song were:
1. I didn’t like that the entire group mouthed all of the lyrics. What do I mean by this? During the solo parts, everyone was still moving their lips.
2. This is related to the first part. It would have been nice to have the vocal parts divided more evenly, so that the other girls could have more parts.
However, I have come to accept the fact that most girl groups concentrate on only one or two members.

Overall, I think this is a decently talented girl group that continues to improve with each new song. I feel part of the reason why they are not popular is due to a stupid controversy surrounding their debut that was blown way out of proportion.


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