Underrated Girl Groups: Kiss Me Five

kiss me five group

Kiss Me Five is a Thai group that I learned about a few months ago. I’ve been trying to find out as much information about them as I can. In October of 2010, this group debuted with “Morning Kiss’. Their record label is Kamikaze (home to Four Mod, Waii and former boy band, K-otic). That’s pretty much all of the background info I have found on them. Hopefully I will find out more soon. One thing’s for sure, I think these ladies are gorgeous and have loads of talent. 🙂



Name: Mild

Date of birth : April 7, 1993


Name: Gail

Date of birth : October 16, 1994


Name: Bow

Date of birth : June 4, 1996


Name: Bam

Date of birth : March 30, 1995

kiss me five Kitty

Name:Kitty (former member)

Date of birth : August 5, 1993


The Music

This song has a lot of charm to it and is a lot of fun to listen to. I love the use of brass instruments, it’s not often you hear them in pop music. The choreography was cute and simple. The “celebrities” that appeared in the video made me chuckle. Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, and Elvis!

I love acoustic songs. So I was delighted when I discovered they released an acoustic version of this song. I love it more than the original. The vocals are great! This is the perfect song to listen to while relaxing at the beach with a book.

This is my favorite song by this group so far so far. I think it’s their strongest single in terms of vocals as well as the musical arrangement. I don’t listen to ballads that often, but this one is definitely on my list of top ballads. 🙂

Their debut song is probably one of their weakest songs. Their are parts to it that I like, but as a whole it was not very good. The vocals aren’t as strong and the deliberately auto-tuned lines in the chorus take away from the rest of the song, which would be pretty catchy. In my opinion,The “tick tock” lines and the verse from 2:49-3:07 were the best parts of this song. I think if the were to speed it up a smidgen and put more power in the vocals, this would have been a good single.


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  1. Geez!!!! I didn’t know they were that young…… I need to find time to listen to them.

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