Drama Adaptation of Minna! Esper Dayo!

A drama adaptation of the manga “Minna! Esper Dayo!” will air in Japan this April. The cast includes Mano Erina (Hello Project solo artist) as Sae Asami, Kaho as Miyuki, and Shota Sometani as Yoshio Kamogawa .

Esper dayo

Yoshirou has a unique ability: The ability to read people’s minds. He claims that he has noticed it recently and like tuning a radio he can listen to what others are thinking. He then realizes that using his powers, he can probably save others, like Saw, who is the new transfer student who is in the same class as Yoshirou. Meanwhile, two unknown people are driving discussing about the abnormal increase of people being able to use psychic powers. Who are these people and what is going to happen to Yoshirou?

I am not familiar with this manga, but it sounds interesting. đŸ™‚ Have any of you read the manga? Are you interested in watching this?

Sources: Asian Wiki MyAnimeList


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  1. Haven’t read it, but this sounds like Nanase Futabi, which was good, so I’ll probably watch it.

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