Upcoming Taiwanese Drama : The Patisserie with No Name

Taiwanese drama “The Patisserie with No Name” is expected to air in April of 2013.



In the sweltering heat of the city, along a nondescript alley, there is a Patisserie with No Name. There is only coffee, tea and Chef’s creation of the day on the menu.


Sandrine Pinna as Chen Tian Tian 陳甜甜
Liu Yi Hao as Allen
Xiu Jie Kai as Shang Yu Wen 尚宇文
Huang Di Jun (黃荻鈞) as Chen Tian 陳甜心
Meggie Yu as Chen Tian Mi 陳甜蜜
Ma Hui Zhen (馬惠珍) as Chen’s mother 甜媽
Zhang Shao Huai (張少懷) as Cai Xiang Min 蔡湘民
Stephanie Chang as A Lou 阿露

patisserie 2

You can view the teaser here.

The synopsis is pretty vague. The title drew me in because it sounds vague as well. It add this mysterious quality to it, makes you wonder what it is all about. The teaser was cute and charming. I definitely want to know more about this drama. Hopefully some subbers will pick this project up. There is already a page for it on Viki. 🙂

Is anyone interested in watching this?

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