Dramatards Challenge Update

We’re halfway through March now, time for a challenge update. 🙂

Sleepninja: 26/100

Crazy4You: .5/60 dramas

Crazy4You is in a bit of a drama slump, let’s cheer her on!


Please let us know what your progress is in this challenge. Also, you can still join this challenge at any time.


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  1. I just joined I’ll do 70… Try to do 70. =D

    As of today I have 24/70.

  2. can i jump on the challenge band-wagon late? 😀

  3. I am at 20/75 but I am going to try to go for 100. Still a little behind still. I keep getting distracted – with the help of others. *cough*Sleepy*cough*

    Come on Crazy!! You can do it! Maybe you need to have a group watch to get you going again!

    • hahaha I’m distracting myself in the process too. If you feel yourself getting stuck, you can watch a drama special. We count those too. Just don’t watch only those. lol

    • She needs a new Lee Seung Gi hahahhaha… I might extend my number too. I’ll go for 70 now. Let’s see what happens.

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