Do I Hear Wedding Bells?

I’m sure most of you know by now that much adored actor Lee Byung Hun will be getting married this fall to actress Lee Min Jung.

Personally I love this couple because as it is not a surprise to most of our readers, I obsess over Lee Byung Hun -honestly I have the out most respect for the man. He is an outstanding actor. Lee managed to become one of the best actors in South Korea despite what his first drama director predicted (that he would never be a good actor) It seems it happened to a lot of the now good ones, but never mind that. I’m also a fan of Lee Min Jung. I first saw her in the drama Who Are You? where she did an amazing job as Son Young In’s best friend. Although her character in the drama didn’t have much screen time, she managed to make me curious about her so I followed her other works; MIDAS, and Big.

I wish them the best in their married life. I’m glad Lee was able to find a person to spend his life with, it is hard to be on your own.


Min Jung and her “oppa” (as they call each other, so cute >< )

Here is to a happy marriage for the love birds!!!


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