Red 2. Can’t Wait!

Lee Byung Hun as you well know, has broken into the Hollywood market with his movie GIJoe: Rise of Cobra. His character Storm Shadow was well liked, and so he was cast for the second movie GIJoe: Retaliation.

Of course, as an admirer of him and his work I went to watch both movies for support mainly, as I am not a fan of the GIJoe movies exactly. However, Red 2 upcoming now this July 19 will be a treat to watch, not just for him but the first movie was really funny and it seems this one is not lacking in that department.

It is an action comedy, with tons of fabulous actors like: Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, and an always favorite Anthony Hopkins. Also action awesomeness Bruce Willies and the ladies around his neck aren’t forgettable; Mary-Louise Parker, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Here is the trailer!

And this a short interview with Lee Bung Hun. What captivated me the most was his advice for his fellow South Korean actors. ^ ^

What do you think of this movie? Are you going to watch it?  Hopefully he keeps getting more roles in the future!


And again, a congrats on his wedding.

With love,

From friends at Dramatards.  ^  ^


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