One Happy H!P Fangirl

I don’t plan to make this an in depth post, I’m too busy being an annoying fangirl at the moment.

After returning from a week-long vacation I was delighted to discover that Morning Musume recently released a new song….wait..WHAT?!?! TWO SONGS? Tsunku, you have made this fangirl’s heart nearly explode. I watched both videos and I am so happy that, any minute now, I could start puking rainbows.

First of all, can we take a minute to absorb the fact that Momusu is recently held auditions for the 12th generation and still hasn’t released the results? lol Nope! Seems like Tsunku decided to leave us biting our nails and instead gave us something possibly better. Two singles/music videos titled ‘”GUNDAN” of the Love’ and “Selfish, Easy going, Jokes of Love”. Oh, but they aren’t JUST music videos, they are probably some of the best music videos (in terms of set and production value) that we have seen from this group in a while. Also, they are subtitled in English. There is a note at the bottom that states: “Please note: this is a literal translation, the translation may not be perfect.” While the translations are a bit awkward in some places, I still think it was pretty well done and I am very grateful that they are taking the effort to reach out to fans in English speaking countries.

Finally, I’ll get to my thoughts on the songs. I love both songs, but “‘GUNDAN’ of the love” is my favorite. Both songs were very catchy and up-beat with eye-catching choreography. The vocals were strong and well delivered. What makes me happy about these songs the most is that I can finally feel a connection with the 9th-10th generations. I had a hard time viewing them as Morning Musume members because it felt like they were still transitioning and had this awkwardness about them. They are now stepping up and displaying confidence and a butt-load of personality. Instead of looking a bit unsure of the choreography they are nailing it and putting a bit of sass into it. This is the Morning Musume I know and love! I hope they keep up this trend and continue to surprise me.

“GUNDAN” of the Love

Selfish, Easy going, Jokes of Love


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