The Good, The Bad, and The Ghostly

Master’s Sun is the new drama that everyone is talking about and … scratch that, is everyone really talking about this drama?

Well, I have seen and read lots of materials prior to the airing, and now it is finally here, and I have diligently watched the first episode. I am back with one of my first impression reviews, and about time I wrote one. Damn right.


Her crown… teehee.

So this drama was a win win from the start because it is written by the infamous Hong Sisters (as in: they have taken over the rom-com world and don’t you forget it) and it has as male lead Mister handsome with the sleepy gaze (that I think is sexy as hell) So Ji Sub. About the female lead? Well, at least most posts I have read about this have to say she is either: cute, good actress, the girl from this other drama with this other actor, and… well, there is nothing else. Which is a shame, because the real star that shines brighter than anything in this drama is Miss Gong Hyo Jin, and the one that deserves to be mentioned at all times, every second, every word that is typed when people try to talk about this drama.

First, let me get over my Gong Hyo Jin fangirl moment and tell you Gong Hyo Jin has been making dramas since I was in high school… I’m exaggerating, true (oh you didn’t know I was an ahjumma? bless you) but she has been in the entertainment world for quite some time now. She is one of the best actresses I have seen in Koran dramas, and not because I think this, it is reason for my fangirl moment, but yeah, why not? Because everyone gets to talk about what they like, so… continuing, she is not only a good actress, she is not afraid to take on roles that would make her look old, ugly, bad, despicable… anything you can think of,


although this girl could never be despicable, she is so adorable,


She is not afraid to give herself completely to the role, and transforms every time into her character wholeheartedly. Yes, Miss Gong is a well respected actress.

Let me tell you that this lady started her career with Family Ties which won her great success and then went on to act in the underrated drama Thank You, for which she portrayed a boring, dull mother of an HIV girl, with excess baggage: a grandpa with dementia, and an ex-doctor with an attitude problem staying at her house (this would be Jang Hyuk, whom at the time was coming out of a scandal) so many other actresses turned down this role, but Gong took it and turned it into something amazing. She had me at first “greetings to everyone who loves Spring’s tangerines” and well, the rest is history. She has been in numerous dramas, especially rom-coms. But what I really love about Miss Gong, is that she is not in the trend of double eyelid surgery, and God knows what other things to enhance her physical appearance. She is what she is, and I love her for that.

So yeah, back to the drama, she is the main character of this drama and the first episode was very possible because she just kept tickling my heart with her adorkable-self.


Master’s Sun. A drama about a young woman, Tae Gong Sil, who is burden with the “gift” of seeing ghosts; and a CEO, Joo Joong Won, who sees nothing else but money. In odd ways they meet, and an odd pair they sure make. Both are incapable of any normal conversation or socially adequate interactions with each other, or any other person for that matter. However, both continue to attract each other for very personal reasons, and as their lives take a new turn, for better or worse, they will work together in finding the mystery behind every spirit!

This drama is not excluded from the bunch of dramas that follow a certain seasonal guideline – it seems. Like we had a season for time-travel, and then it was blind characters, and now is horror (specifically and only ghosts and people who can see them because of an accident) but the drama has a few things that I found pretty interesting and if that is too much of a word for some, then “alluring” might be a best description.

I will, then, list the good and the bad, and well, the ghostly:

Let’s start with the bad. Because no one wants to read about flaws after reading the good things. πŸ˜‰

Story development — Yes. Even at the first episode, there should be good “early” developments. And this episode was lacking in that. Perhaps it is personal taste (and isn’t everything related to watching dramas a personal taste?) but I felt like I still didn’t get the memo about who Tae Gong Sil was and why, and how. Yes, yes, they talk about what happened to her (briefly) and in random parts, and I thought that was pretty dynamic, but still… I wanted to have more personal time with her, but all these ghosts were clouding me. grr.

By the end of the episode I felt like I knew the driver more than I knew her. And that just bugged the creeps out of me.

Make-up — For the love of the Goddess Divine of Dramas in Drama Land, can anyone get the point that purple lips aren’t PALE LIPS???????????? Please, either get a better make-up artist, or just don’t apply any make-up to the actor, I’m sure with the natural effects it will look ghostly enough in front of the cameras. Also, I thought the “creepy” make-ups in some of the ghosts is not really that scary, so I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish, scary or funny, but neither was achieved.

There was also the impression that they are still trying to convince us that a black-eye-liner is NOT ON THIS MAN’S EYES, they are just naturally mysterious. But, uh, yeah, not working.Β  ^ ^

Okay now for the Good stuff… yay.

Casting — I have to give them props for that, because, well… have you been reading this? :p

Writing — Although the story didn’t develop much, just a bunch of what-to-do, the writing is not bad so far. The story is funny, it has scary parts (although because of the music and not the fake looking ghosts) andΒ  the overall feel of it is just pretty refreshing even with a few ghosts hanging about. But it is my impression with the Hong Sisters, that they start good and slowly go bad. At least what I have watched from Big, and… there were others, yep. Just can’t remember the titles now.

Music — Outstanding!

Make-up — Yes. It did have some good things. Miss Gong’s make-up is hilarious, and I love it. She has a gloomy look, and it was well achieved. And I have to give thanks to the artist for not giving So Ji an eyeliner, however, if he does have it I couldn’t tell. His eyes are naturally mysterious. Muawhahaha.

Last but not least, the Ghostly:

The Cherry's are an art concept, but yeah... not getting it.

The Cherries are an art concept, but yeah… not getting it.

What? You thought I was going to write about some ghosts theory? Bah.

If you are not watching this drama… okay, you might not miss much. But you might miss the chance of being struck by lightning!! ^.^

Here I leave you with a few good pics from the first episode.










What the? hahahaha, Miss Gong! You so silly ><

We do not have a review on this drama yet, as it has not finished airing (heck it just came out). Here is a link to the MDL page with basic info on the drama and cast, enjoy!


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  1. Awwnnn… i love this post πŸ˜€ … each and every word is true .. i watched her in Pasta and loved her in it .. this character sorta reminds me of her in Pasta.. she is adorable when she acts all giggly and blunt… loved all those touchy scenes …

    pls Hang sisters πŸ˜› bwahaha … Hong sisters … dont ruin this one for me … they realy ruined big for me .. 😦

    • i also love the tittle πŸ˜€

      • Biiiii my friend, I wish I can say the same. Now, let us not get emotional. I haven’t finished this drama, but there is a big sign I won’t like it anyway because I haven’t finished this drama… hahahaha. You get it? How hard could it be. :3
        Sorry I’m just being silly.
        True, I could like it if I block So Ji Sub’s acting from my face. But that will be a tad hard as he is the main male lead and appears in almost all the scenes. Buggers. Whatever happened to this man? He did such a good job in his early dramas… *sigh*

  2. Thanks for the sneak peek. I really need to quit getting distracted by Western shows so that I can finish this challenge and add new dramas. XD

    • You will enjoy this drama, and also you will like Who Are You. Because both are on the same track with horror, but different stories. And both are hilarious (so far) Haha.

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