2013 Dramatards Challenge: Final Update!!!

Phew! 2013 was a crazy year. Seems like a lot of us got hit by the dreaded drama funk. What was up with that? Even I had troubles with it. *sigh* Now the time has come to post the final results for our challenge! ^^

Crazy4You: 20/60 Seasons


Sleepninja: 100/100

High 5 to Sayitain’tsojoe for beating his goal of 50 dramas this year! He was also the first to beat the challenge.

I think we all did a great job with the challenge despite this plague of funk.  We would love to hear how everyone else did. Comment and tell us how many you completed and we will give you a shout on on Facebook. Don’t stress if you aren’t ready to tally it up yet, there are still 6 more days. Also, don’t forget that we count specials too.  🙂

Next year’s challenge will be a bit different. We are making it customizable to help combat the plague. lol Stay tuned for more details.


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  1. I said I would watch 75 and I only made it to 50. Poop. I hit a slump twice and I never made it back in time to recover. Overall a decent year for drama but probably one of the worst years of overhyped dramas and some seriously good actors in BAD dramas.

    • lol I heard that there were a lot of disappointments in 2013. I will have to catch up with those dramas this year. Seems like 2013 was hit with a plague of drama slumps. Some people even quite dramas completely. :O

      Gload to see that my pals mostly survived and are still hanging in there. lol

  2. So I got a total of 17/60 complete. But that’s because I mostly watched mini-dramas. I promise I will do better in 2014!

    A Faded Memory

    Adolescence Melody

    Atashinchi No Danshi

    Down With Love


    Heartbeat Love

    Kimi Wa Petto

    Love Song In August

    Ma Boy

    I Miss You

    My Friend Is Still Alive

    Nobuta Wo Produce


    White Christmas

    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

    Zettai Kareshi

    Tenshi wa Mop wo Motte

    • Woot! I see a lot of dramas on your list that I enjoyed. ^^ 2014’s challenge should make things less …stressful? Tiring? Well, it should make things more fun. I’m working on the post right now. 😀

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