It’s So Dramatic: The Sequel – Dramatards Triathlon

Let’s start 2014 off with a clean slate! Last year seemed to be too narrow and focused in terms of our challenge. I think that’s why we all got burned out and lost track of our challenges. This year we are adding more variety to the challenge and making it customizable. ^^

There will be three categories to this challenge. *Dramas (we include specials in this category), Movies, and Anime . I know what you may be thinking…that sounds like more work. Fear not! This is designed to keep you from burning out in any particular category. Feeling tired of dramas? Take a break and watch a movie or anime. I found that this helped me last year when I hit my drama slumps.

To make things even more customizable, you don’t have to sign up for all three categories. You can sign up for two or you can sign up for just one. There is also no minimum requirement for how many you sign up for!

Blank Venn Diagram - Plain

Dramatards Pledge:

Crazy4You: To Be Determined

Anime- 25
Dramas- 25
Movies- 50

Anime- 20
Dramas: 20
Movies: 60

Comment below or on Facebook to let us know if you are participating. πŸ™‚

*Last year, towards the end, we made allowances for non-Asian dramas. Since we already allowed it, you can count those too. We just hope that you will still keep watching dramas from Asia as well. β™₯


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  1. I will join too, a bit late ^^

    drama: 50
    movies: 25
    anime: 5 (major anime slump)

  2. This will be my first year trying anime and movies^^! I started watching dramas a year ago
    Here is my challenge… lol
    Dramas: 50!

  3. Wow lots of drama fans joining the challenge… awesome. ^.^

  4. I will sign up roo!
    Anime – 5
    Dramas – 20
    Movies – 60

  5. I am signing up!

    Dramas – 40
    Movies 20

  6. I’m signing up for the drama challenge. My goal is small. I hope I’ll get there, but we’ll see.

    Dramas: 50
    Movies: 5
    Anime: 5

  7. Hmmm I think I’ll go with…

    Drama: 15
    Movies: 10
    Anime: 20

  8. I’m joining!

    Dramas 30
    Movies 15
    Anime 10

  9. I still need to get limitess internet connection, but I think I want to go with:

    30 drama and 30 movie

    Anime? Maybe 10, but not much more.

    • Cool! I look forward to seeing which dramas you choose. πŸ™‚

      How’s the new job?

    • While going through our comments and deleting the spams I was about to hit spam on this one too LOL… it starts just like one of those: I still need to get limitless internet connection.
      lovies aki-chan.

  10. tranquilknight

    Anime – 2
    Drama – 10
    Movies – 100

  11. Moi going for triple threat, but yet to be determined LOL!!! I will inform you later ^_^

  12. Hey me too ^^

    Dramas 30
    Movies 20
    Anime 3

  13. Anime: 5
    Dramas: 20
    Movies: 40

  14. I finished the genre challenge so I am up for another

    Anime: 20
    Dramas: 40
    Movies: 100

  15. Put me down for:

    Anime – 10
    Movies – 30
    Dramas – 30

    I think I will probably go over that but I think this is workable, with not too much pressure. **fingers crossed**

  16. Put me down for:

    Drama: 10
    Anime: 3

    If I complete this in time I will probably add more πŸ™‚

    • Good luck! πŸ™‚ I wonder which anime will be the lucky 3. My anime slump seems to have ended , so that’s all I can think about right now. haha!

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