Announcement: Blog update!

Hey all!

We’ve recently made some new changes and improvements to our blog. Three years ago, we created this blog as something fun to do and add to our drama watching. Over the years, we’ve gotten busier with our personal lives and haven’t been posting as much as we originally did when we began.

So, we’ve decided to branch out more, and we’re adding non-western shows and films to the blog. In the future we may add even more, but for now, this is a new start for us!

Another idea we came up with is to bring some throwback posts in reminiscence to our older posts.

Which brings me to the new “Our History” page we’ve added to the blog. This page has a complete list (under categories) of all of our older posts.

We’ve gone through the blog and cleaned up the look, eliminating many categories that we once had. So instead of having 92 (way too many), we now have 7 with no sub-categories. This is to make it a little easier for everyone to navigate through our posts! Unless we add something new to the blog, we plan on keeping it this simple.

The next thing we’ve cleaned up is our pages. We moved the “Admin’s Corner” under “About This Blog” and “Drama Galleries” under “Gallery.” We’ve also eliminated the “From US 2 U” page and “Everyday Rants” page (although you can locate them under the history page). We might keep the ideas, however.

And lastly, we’ve completely eliminated the “Highlight of the Week” and “Our Pick of the Month” themes. While they were great ideas in the beginning, it’s too hard to keep up with them and focus on our personal lives. Which many may have noticed due to our lack of having one of them in a while.

So here’s a big THANK YOU to everybody who has stuck by us in the long run, and we hope you’ll like what we will bring in the future! We hit 265,000 somewhere along the line, and to us that’s just amazing in itself! Also, if any of you have some suggestions even, let us know! We’ll take everything into consideration (:

And don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to check us out on our Facebook page as well!

-The Dramatards


About Laken

Just a girl who's trying to find herself in this crazy world.

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