Announcement: Dramatards Triathlon 2015 Challenge!

Alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright! Do you have that song stuck in your head now? I know I do…>.<

Anywho! It’s that time again. It’s our annual announcement of our challenges! This will be our second year doing a Triathlon. I think I enjoyed it much more than the regular challenge we used to do. What do you think?


20 Dramas

25 Movies


5 Anime

10 Dramas

60 Movies


30 Anime

30 Dramas

40 Movies

Awww yeah! I can tell 2015 is gonna be a fun year. Please let us know in the comments below or on Facebook what your goals for next year’s Triathlon are. The same rules from last year apply. Which basically was…everything counts? lol Good luck everybody!


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  1. I failed last year’s challenge. Let’s see if I can complete it this year.

    25 Dramas
    12 Movies
    10 Anime

  2. I failed rather miserably last year on this :S I started so many dramas and anime and never finished them, such a bad habit!! Though I got real close to completing my movie goal!

    This year I’m going to do:

    Anime: 25
    Movies: 30
    Dramas: 25

    Considering I have so many partially completed this year shouldn’t as difficult

  3. I failed miserably last year…I just hope I don’t this year!

    Dramas: 40
    Movies: 10
    Anime: 2

  4. My pledges;
    Animes 30
    Dramas 30
    Movies 40

  5. My 2015 challenge will be:

    40 dramas
    15 anime
    10 movies

  6. Dramas: 40
    Movies: 70
    Anime: 15

  7. As we are still in 2014, I will wait till 2015 :p lol!!!

  8. I have much higher ambitions for 2015! lol I might even increase my movie challenge (:

  9. Dramas 50
    Movies 50
    Anime 10

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