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Hello!!!! It’s been a while. Yeah…about that…I’ve been stricken with a horrible case of i-dont-wanna-do-anything-itis. It’s pretty serious, maybe fatal…for my grades! *badum-tish* lol

Anywho! There is one article that the Dramatards are super interested in creating, if only work, school, and family would chill out long enough for us to collaborate! However, in the meantime, I felt that this blog was looking a little bit too lonely for such beautiful weather (finally, so tired of the cold!). This article is my way to share what I have been up to. Or rather, what has prevented me from being up to anything. Ha!

Recently Completed

Season 1 of The 4400

I am very intrigued by the first season and look forward to learning more secrets about these characters.


Prissana (2000 remake)

Sometimes the classics help renew your obsession with dramas. 🙂


You Who Came From the Stars

A very enjoyable watch. I hope to find more sci-fi and fantasy dramas that are as enjoyable as this one.

dao kiao

Dao Kiao Duen

Probably one of my favorite dramas with Janie in it. I really enjoyed seeing her play such a strong and funny role as opposed to the shrieking for comedy she has done in a previous lakorn I have watched. She and Aum pair up well and I hope to see more lakorn with them. 🙂

What I’m Reading


I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I am enjoying reading it. I really like the pace that this author sets. Hopefully I will have time to finish it soon.


So glad that I have finally managed to purchase a copy of this book! I am enthralled by all of the characters and the way their stories weave together. So excited to see what happens next!

What I’m Watching


jao sao

Jao Sao Salatan

I am still on the first episode, so I cannot yet give an opinion of this lakorn. However, I love the two leads, so I hope that this will be a very enjoyable lakorn.


Oh my gosh! This drama is so adorable and squishy! :3 The lead’s sister is my spirit animal. Ha!  I am more than halfway through this season, but I am trying to hold out until the second season starts airing (this month). I just know that once I finish season one, I will have to start the next season.


So yeah…in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am Forever Behind Girl.  Just now starting this show and I am hooked. In a little over a day I have almost finished season one. I am positive that I will be on season two by the end of today.



What I’m Listening To

As usual, I gotta listen to mah girls when they have a new release. :3

Five years later and I am still in love with this song. A friend of mine that used to teach at my community college recently shared this song. All it takes is one play for it to get stuck in my head. This has been on repeat for a week!

Sia. This crazy, talented lady. I have been listening to a lot of her music lately.

I recently discovered this song and I am absolutely in love with it. Why did it take me so long to know about it? Imagine my sorrow when I discovered it only to also discover that the band is no more. 😦 Oh well, I’ll just have this one on repeat!

More cute Jpop. This time from a newer group called Chubbiness.

I have also been obsessed with Shinhwa’s comeback. I should probably end this post here. Because I..




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  1. I’m happy you enjoyed watching both Prissana and Dao Kiao Duen. I’m segmenting Jao Sao Salatan and it looks crazy, a lot of stuffs going on in that drama lol!!!

    I saw 4400 when it was released, I skipped some parts though.

    I keep saying I will read Games of Throne and watch OUaT, but I haven’t gotten around in doing either……

    I also like Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts, and Sia’s songs, and of course SHINHWA!!!

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