Random Video Corner: Dempagumi Inc. will save the world!

I know, I know! I have been the worst blogger ever! No posts or correspondence with comments in months!

In my defense I am currently a slave to school. *sobs* Please forgive! *throws self to the floor* I will do better in the upcoming weeks, I promise!

….Are we cool now? I’m just gonna assume that we are.

To fill the void during this last week and a half of summer college, I present you with another random video corner! This post is all about my girls, Dempagumi Inc!

Here they are to save the world from evil monsters in stylish costumes!

Okay, so it turns out they were advertising a video game. It still looks awesome though! 🙂

By the way, both season of Innocent Lilies, starring Dempagumi Inc., can be viewed on Viki! While the first season does have its flaws, I was greatly entertained by it. In fact, I think it is worthy of a second watch (something I rarely do with drama). Once everything settles down with school, I plan to start from the beginning and marathon both seasons!

Check it out!
Season 1
Season 2


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  1. Viki always recommends Innocent Lilies to me lol!!!

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